I've seen lots of people talking about Birchbox but after looking into it I decided to pass on it. I love trying different products but the samples that come in birchbox didn't really jump out at me. After digging around I found Ipsy. What I like most about this is even if I hate every sample I get, it comes with a small bag. I am a bag addict. So I thought if nothing else at least I get a bag. I was disappointed that I saw several people get their bags before me.

I thought about writing a blog about the products and a review but honestly Jasmine did a great post so you should just visit her at Green Eyed Monster and read all about it.

I loved most of my products, but I wasn't crazy about the lip color. It was way to orange for this red head. But Abbey will love it.



  1. Glad you liked your first bag! Thanks for the shout out!

    1. You are sooooo welcome. I actually chose Ipsy because of your posts. You made it look like something I'd love!


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