Gotta Love Tenessee

Fireworks that is. Its no secret that I live in Kentucky....wait maybe it was a secret. While we are the best at a lot of racing, basketball, breeding country stars and cheerleaders. We are a complete epic fail at one big thing.....Ok two if you are counting football. (I'm hanging my head in shame).

We have  stupidly strict law on cool fireworks. Usually this isn't a problem, but the 4th just BEGS for cool fireworks. Something better than the glorified sparklers that KY sales.

This is where our wonderful and strategically planned Tennessee vacation came in handy. We loaded the car down with some cool fireworks. Never fear police that may be reading this I did NOT take this to Kentucky and shoot them off, making my neighbors insanely jealous. We shot them off at Greg's brothers house. Making his neighbors jealous because our fireworks were better than theirs.

Here is the top 5 things I learned while shopping and shoot off the fireworks.

1. Artillery is cool and is what makes all the pretty lights
2. Even though the firework shop pushes the package deal shop around for your own
3. More expensive is not always better. We spent 5 on something and it was WAAAAAY better than the one we spent 35 on.
4. Blowing stuff up is more fun than cleaning it up the next day.
5. If you are going to shoot off your fireworks waiting until your neighbors also do it, so you can have a battle of the boom

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  1. Haha!! Awesome! Nothing is stricter than IL laws so I've never shot off my own fireworks. I bet cleaning it is brutal :(


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