Can you hear me now?

Have you ever had one of those weekends where Friday was so full of fun and Jager that it took until Sunday to feel human again? Ummm me either.

But Monday morning is here way to fast and I wasn't prepared to write a post. So here is a rant....because its Monday and that a great day for a rant.

We had friends over on Friday night which made going to Va on Saturday not as much fun as it usually is. While we were there I overheard the weirdest conversation. A 35 year old woman complaining that her mom shut her cell phone off she was crying and asking why would she do such a thing.

Since I didn't rant to her which I am sure would have done no good I am going to rant to you....which will probably do about the same amount of good.

Here is why your mom would turn your phone off.

You are 35. Theoretically that means you are an adult. That means ACT LIKE IT. Have you ever heard fake it till you make it. Act like an adult and before you know it, you too can be paying your own bills like a champ. If you are an adult. Especially one with no kids (because kids are an expensive hobby) there is no reason that you should not be paying your own cell phone bill. I want to say all your bills but really unemployment is a reality for some and jobs are scarce. I understand believe me. We have several friends out of work and struggling...but do they whine that their parents aren't paying their bills? NO! They make ends meet the best they can.

But come on people, a cell phone isn't a necessity. It may seem like it, and to me it feels like it. But not so long ago we lived just fine without one. If its that big a deal to you, get a tracphone or other prepaid plan. But for the love of all that is sparkly and good stop mooching off your parents. As a parent I want to say we are in fact not made of money (I know its a shock) We have jobs but you should too. You are 35 not 5. Find a job! Or go back to school...or find a sugar daddy.....just stop draining your parents. If you take all of our money now, what will you do when we die and the inheritance you thought you were getting is gone? 

Parents, stop enabling your kids. Making them struggle a little is good, it builds character. Here is a story. I was early 20's before I owned my own car. It didn't kill me. I borrowed my parents cars or caught rides with friends. It wasn't until a failed engagement left some some unexpected money (ie not earmarked for a wedding) that I could finally buy my own. I paid my own insurance. I had to pay it monthly because I couldn't afford it any other way but I did it. I did this working part time for minimum wage. You know what those days taught me? It taught me that I need to work for the things I want, because that is how the world works. It taught me to be patient because the world doesn't always hang you what you want when you want it. It taught me to take care of the things I have, because there might not be something better waiting around the corner. It taught me how to budget, because the world doesn't have money trees, or everything is free days. It taught me to be grateful for what I have. I wouldn't trade those lessons for anything. I want my children to have everything they want, and all their dreams to come true. But more than that I want them to be independent, self sufficient adults who are capable of not just surviving but excelling in the world.

If that means making her pay her portion of the cell phone plan once she of age to have a job and canceling it when she doesn't contribute then I will. I hope this 35 year old gets a clue soon.

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  1. Amen! I didn't have a car until I was 25 -( because shocking!) I had to pay for it all. People can't believe my parents didn't pay for college. I have been around a lot of entitled people and I can't BELIEVE what at 28, 30, 32 they expect their patents to pay for!


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