A vacation wedding

So Greg and I went on our first real vacation as a couple of course we also took the kiddies (3 years in the making). We had a blast. I've never had so much fun on a trip much less a vacation. We all did something that we wanted to do, no one fought. That is a miracle in itself. No one wanted to come back home we had that much fun. We had a great hotel. Our evenings were spent sitting on our balcony watching the river and the people walking to and from the hotel bar. That's when it happened....

A wedding. Of bikers. What does a biker (or at least this group) wear to a wedding? Their leathers of course. Except for the bride. She had on a pink lace fit and flare mini dress with matching cow girl boots. I think you may understand why I wasn't brave enough to take a picture of the happy couple and festive party.

I will share with you some other wedding related vacation pictures.
I think this should be mine and Greg's wedding cake topper. You know since the groom is obviously wearing a marching band uniform. Never mind that this is a salt and pepper shaker. 
Don't get the wrong idea. We did not get married. As a blogger I can't just run off and get married. I have to share all the details with you (and I need the salt and pepper shakers as a cake topper). Although I did think it was funny to post this on my Facebook page and wait to see what happened. I got lots of what!???! Did you? Why didn't you tell me? And general whining that I didn't share my big day with everyone. Actually I just saw the shirt in a gift shop and wanted to mess with people. I'm mean that way. 

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