I've tried this before and failed miserably. I think my biggest hurdle was that I had goals that were easily made invalid. I tried to make these new goals a little neutral. Not so much dependent on other people.  I had plans to start this thing on the 1 and then it was pushed back to the 4th and now I think the 11 is the day.

Sorry the list is long it is 101 items ya know :) I'll try to add some random pics to ease the suffering.

Food/Health (1-8)
Try 5 recipes on my pinterest food board
develop a healthier eating plan
no take out for a month
get to goal weight (lose 25 pounds)
whiten teeth
start an exercise plan
run a 5k
try a month of meal prep

This isn't me I just saw it on a bulletin board
Finances (9-14)
Save 500
make and follow a budget
pay off my car
pay down my student loans
conduct 6 trainings a year
Go 2 weeks without buying anything
Organize (15-27)
My office
My closet
Girls closet
household papers
storage building
all pics on the computer
scan hard copy of pics
music and itunes
old poetry and digitize it
A benefit for Iva
hair accessories
Household (28-39)
Landscape yard
refinish deck
redecorate kitchen
redecorate girls room in progress
redecorate our room
redecorate bathrooms
remodel or buy new
finish indoor projects
finish outdoor projects
develop a home office
set up a bar
Blog (40-50)
try ideas from 31 days to a better blog
grow my readers by a hundred
comment on at least 1 blog a day and 1 new one a week
advertise once a month for 6 months
fix navigation bar
update with easy access to list
make user friendly with pinterest
add link to coolers
plan post ahead of time
develop blog or website for early childhood
find  a new blog a month to follow
Relationships (51-55)
compile birthday and address list
take a good family pic
plan a big family holiday celebration
make a scrapbook for Abbey
make a scrapbook for Emmy
Boosters (56-59)
Raise a thousand dollars
plan an open house
plan a fall or other seasonal festival
help Greg organize band boosters
 Fun (60-74)
Finally visit Waverly Hills
Catch up on movies I want to watch
Catch up on DVR
Once I reach target weight get belly button pierced
Get a good pic of me taken
Try 1 new thing from each of my pinterst boards
Try 10 crafts/DIY from pinterest
Have the coolest Halloween costume 
Try 3 new things
Finish writing a book
Visit 2 tracks in addition to Bristol
attend 2 concerts
open lock that was on the Jager and put it back on the empty bottle
host 2 parties
 too bad it wasn't Tony Stewart....or Danica
Pets (75-79)
Get Kitties Spayed or Neutered
Teach Wes a trick....any  trick poor dumb dog
Have good pics of pets taken
look into ordering pet meds online
Shopping (80-84)
Greg a usb record player
new wardrobe once I reach target weight
new car
new livingroom furniture
Learn (85-93)
develop 4 trainings
become certified to screen for dyslexia
take over tutoring and develop workable plan
learn the cameras non auto settings
easy pretty go to hairstyle
decide if I want to get my masters degree
help Em learn to swim
ask girls more in depth questions about their day
to play the guitar

Car (94-97)
Keep up with oil change and other maintenance
keep it cleaned for a month
get windows tinted
Well of course I am :)
Travel (98-101)
Visit Steve in California
Visit at least 1 bar rescue bar
visit New Orleans
visit Vegas

Well that's it. I hope you weren't too bored. Now my plan is to start these today and keep blogging about my progress. Once I am finished (if I finish) we will see about starting a new list.


  1. LOVE!! I'm so glad you're starting so close to me, I'll keep checking in on you.
    My favorite is probably set up a bar. Obviously.
    I order pet supplies solely online through Drs Foster and Smith. Super fast shipping, they have everything I need. Not sure if it's cheaper some place else but they definitely have way better prices than in store, I know that much.
    Sorry poor Wes doesn't know any tricks yet! Hawkeye isn't very good either. She rocks at twirl though, which i taught her by making her follow food in a circle. Easy peasy, that fatty will do anything for tacos.

    Also we should go to NOLA together and since visit Vegas with Tara is on my list, I think we should do that together too!

    1. Wes is dumb. He is sweet and lovey and I adore him, but he is dumb. We may not actually learn any tricks but I feel I need to try. His 4th birthday is coming up its about time.

      My bar situation right now is everything pile on an island like thing. I hate it. I've pinned a ton of ideas.

      We should absolutely go to NOLA and Vegas together. After this week I need it ASAP.

  2. That's a great list. I think I cried a little when I saw "pay down my student loans." My student loan website has a calculator that tells you when your last payment will be. And mine will be in 15 years, when I've just turned 44. F**king wonderful. That makes me feel great.

    1. I owe a lot! So much that I am on an extended plan. I wish I'd only be 44 when mine are paid off. I may be paying mine and paying for my oldest to go to college at the same time. I may need a rich sugar daddy.

  3. Teach Wes a trick....any trick poor dumb dog...This had me laughing poor Wes. Student loans sounds TOUGH

    1. Student loans suck! As much as I love Wes he is so dumb. I think that is one reason I love him so much, I know he is kinda helpless.

  4. I love your list - I need to do something like this badly! I think you have a lot of attainable goals and some that are going to push you a bit! Good luck :)

    1. I am a lazy person. If I didn't have a list I'd never do anything.


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