Things I've learned this weekend

  1. Plans change and you should be shoes in case you have to run from zombies,  non hoochie momma clothes in case you may have to hang all day with the BF's family.

  2. Victoria's Secret fitters are crazy, they insisted that a 34DDD (which apparently you can only get online, even though I bought one in Jan at the Semi Annual Sale) is the same thing as a 36DD except its not. Also my bank account wants to ban the semi annual sale.
  3. Families handle stress in different ways and just because its different than your way doesn't make it wrong, even when the crying makes you feel weird. I assure you saying you cry a lot isn't a good thing. Trust me on this. It was an open mouth insert foot moment.
  4. People think they are doing enough, until you do the same and yours isn't enough.
  5. Crazy ex girlfriends sometime have a hard time letting go. They like to leave comments on FB pages for the world to see about how concerned they are and love you guys. And sometimes current girlfriends "like" it so the crazy ex will know that current girl friend knows she is a creepy stalker. (you know who you are)
  6. We aren't guaranteed another day....or minute. So we really need to say/do what we want NOW!
The person in this vehicle lived with only a few broken bones
The person in this one did not. Same accident.

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  1. That is a terrible accident, was it someone you know? The girls are ok right?!

    I LOLed at the facebook one. I kinda love you.


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