The one about Toddlers & Tiaras.

I was working on a post about my weekend (Which was fun and busy). But, I watched an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras and that felt like a  more important topic.

I have no idea when this episode originally aired. I have all the episodes recording on my DVR and this was the one I decided to watch today. I know that controversy is no stranger to T&T. On this show alone I've seen just about everything. Moms telling their little girls to shake their butts, suck in their stomachs, tanning, flippers (fake teeth), Spending thousands of dollars for just one pageant. . Hell during my stint as a pageant mom (yes I admit to drinking the kool-aide) These were so common place that no one really thought about them. Today was different. Today was something I had never seen before. While watching this episode I thought my sister and I were going to get whip lash from looking at each other as if to say WTF?!? My sister and I in addition to being pageant mom and aunt, were pageant judges. So we have seen some weird parenting styles. Some clearly off the wall parents.

Today was the first time that I have heard a parent say:
  • My child really doesn't have the perfect pageant face so we have to work harder
  • My child's blonde hair and blue eyes are just average
  • My child looks like a giraffe
  • Her goal in life is to make some guys life miserable like she does her parents
  • A good description of her is a major pain in the ass
  • I would be really surprised if she beat her brother
In addition to berating her at every opportunity they bleached her teeth and dyed her eye lashes.
The child was reluctant to have her eye lashes dyed because she was worried about it hurting her eyes. How sad is it that a child is the one trying to be the voice of reason.

During the child interview portion instead of the usual cocky I'm the best and no one can beat me banter she said My biggest supporter is probably......big pause.....No one. OMG it broke my heart. I wanted to scoop her up in my arms and give her a big hug and let her know that her mother is  insane that she is not ugly, or a pain, and that she can be anything she wants in life and if that includes not even having a man she can.
The mom had two kids competing in this pageant. All episode long she was building the son up. How beautiful he is, how he has such a wonderful personality. I wanted to shout at her. Both kids can be beautiful and successful. That you don't need to favor one over the other.

The episode ended and the daughter one 4-10 mini supreme meaning she won the second highest title of the night. I was so happy that she beat her brother. The mom then said I am really surprised that she beat her brother he is just so beautiful. Maybe it is time he retires. The daughter said I give me 2 thumbs up.

When I was googling for a pic for this post I discovered that apparently this little girl went on to be in 2 more episodes. Winning the highest title both times. I wish I had these recorded so I can see how the mom behaved in the other two episodes.
I'm sorry I had to turn the CAPTCHA back on. I hate typing in those random letters as much as anyone, but I found myself getting lots of spam comments and that was more anoying than typing random letters. Even if I get it wrong the first hundred times I type it  in. I hope you still leave me comments. I love getting comments.



  1. I definitely watch that show but man, those parents are insane. I feel bad for that girl!

  2. The show is actually a pretty accurate representation of glitz pageant moms. I've never seen a mom treat her daughter like she sucks before. It broke my heart.

  3. I'm sorry, but... I have to ask you folks this.

    When you see pictures like the ones above, do those not look *utterly creepy and unnatural* to you? It's one thing to apply makeup and dress a little kid such that she looks like a living doll. I can get that, that can be cute. But the above pictures... that's turning a little kid into the image of a doll depicting an adult.

    And that just completely dives headlong into the Uncanny Valley for me. It stops reading in the brain as "normal-looking child dressed up," and starts reading as "vaguely malformed miniature doll-like adult." And that's not cute. That's Talking Tina/Bride of Chucky/doll-with-a-steak-knife-in-its-raised-fist *wrong*.

  4. Those shows terrify me. The idea of treating a child like that is just ... I can't even. I have officially lost the ability to even.

  5. The little girls are precious without all the glitz. The parents think their daughters are beautiful but cover up the child's face with so much makeup very little is left of the child. And what's left in the photos is airbrushed or edited away.

    I admit I've watched the show and others like it throughout the years.

    1. Its like a train wreck. I can't look away no matter how awful.

  6. These insane parents have just lost their kids- they no longer have a child, they have puppet they can dress in the they please the most.


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