I came home from work yesterday napped, it was a great 2 hour long nap. The kind that makes sure you don't get any sleep at night.  I needed the nap though, especially since I have a busy next several days. I had to meet my ex Mike first. We were trading the girlies. We have a great divorce. Its way better than our marriage was. We have the custody arrangement like Jennie Garth has, shared custody with no child support. I pay for the stuff they use at my house and he does the same for his. For big things like school stuff we split it. Its a great arrangement. But sometimes things happen. Like yesterday  when I rushed from work to get to our arranged drop off/pick up place and then waited for 30 minutes. I made him wait on Tuesday while we went to Bdubs so it's all fair, but what makes today so bad was I was soooo sleepy. I don't know if it is the awful rainy weather we've had or the visit from my boss for our annual performance review but I was beat. Anyway.....I accidentally sent him this text. It was meant for Abbey. I should probably look at who I am actually sending messages too.  I should also read texts before I send them so I don't look like I have serious issues with the English language.

 I mentioned my boss visited today. She is an hour away but we see each other a few times a week. Today was our annual review. I was nervous. I wanted a raise. I could live and be happy without one, but raises are nice. I've never had a job that gave any. It seems like every job I've ever had has been going through a raise freeze. Yeah that is crappy. I love my job. I rarely miss because I don't feel like its work. Its something I really enjoy doing. Anyway long story short. I got a raise. I'm not sure how much yet, but Its something. To celebrate I came home and napped. I think that is the sign of getting OLD. During my evaluation she said I was a great writer and that she was sorry there isn't much room in my job to write and that I may want to consider writing for our company blog. I didn't mention that I have this blog. Not that I want to keep you guys a secret. I love you all. But honestly my level of writing here is like comparing Jersey Shore to Dateline. I don't tell many people in my real life about you. I don't want to have to sensor anything.

I have a work meeting Friday and have a shopping list for Hobby Lobby. I love that place.  I am kinda glad I don't have one close to me, because I'd be broke all the time.

I finished my painted cooler. I love it so much I can't wait to show it off. We are going to a party Saturday, I may have to take it with me. Greg's cooler is coming along. I hope I will be finished by Saturday.

I'm doing my first training Saturday morning. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I hope I'm not boring and lame.

That's pretty much my highlights this week.

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  1. Well the text could have been much worse haha! That's not bad at all.
    Hooray for the raise, you deserve it!!

  2. Congrats on the raise! And as far as blogging goes ... yeah, separation of church and state, baby!

  3. Congrats on your raise! And it's okay, I don't tell many real life people about my blog either. It's just better off if my parents and co-workers don't know what I REALLY think about everything...


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