Its the little things that add up

Stress is directly related to how out of control you feel......

and today I forgot my purse at home (I live like 33 miles from my office) and my gas light came on, and I'm out of Dr. Pepper. I have a presentation to work on, a goals form to fill out and send to my boss. I have a conference on Tuesday, but I'm leaving on Monday and I'm off work tomorrow, so all of this needs to be done NOW. Needless to say I'm feeling the stress.

Here's hoping your day is stress free and that I have a better post for tomorrow.

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  1. Hey a gas light means you own a car that works, and drinking Dr. Pepper means you don't have diabetes, and a presentation means you've got a job that isn't slinging burgers and fries, so you could have it a lot worse... right?


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