Field office blues

I may or may not have mentioned I work in a field office. Its 2 hours (100 miles) away from the field office we branched off from. Which is 20 minutes away and across state lines from the main office.

Its just me and 1 other person in a cinder block closet. Think college dorm. Take away the windows and shrink it  to about half.

Our boss jokes that we like her so much because she is so far away. That's not true. She really is awesome and should teach classes on management.

There are some perks to being in a field office.

1. We don't have people looking over our shoulder all day.
2. We don't have the distraction of lots of people wanting to speak with us. We can go a whole day only speaking to each other.
3. No  make up = No problem. Unless we have meetings or appointments

There are some naughty perks too, like leaving early and long lunches but we never do that. Actually 99% of the time lunch is either on the run or at our desks.

There are also some down sides. As I've experienced lately. The BIGGEST we have no IT person on site.

  1. My work laptop died the day before a training I was doing. I took it to a meeting I was attending and gave it to my boss to give to  the IT guy.
  2. My work phone stopped working Monday morning
  3. I couldn't log into the network and work email
  4. I  had monthly paperwork to finish and no way to get to the forms
The IT guy tried fixing it remotely but sadly he had to drive the 2 1/2 hours this way to fix it. Thankfully today has been a drama free day.

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