Crazy things you see at the races pt.2

Today I give you crazy things you see at the race track pt. 2. Those of you that have been following me for awhile may remember that I was drug kicking and screaming to Bristol for the August night race. I had never really been to a race and was feeling anxious and excited about it. You can read about it here.

This weekend was Greg's birthday and we went to Virginia to visit with his brother. Greg decided that he wanted to go to a local track that way back when use to be a NASCAR sanctioned track. Its not anymore. It was fun, but you could tell it was past its prime (built in 1972). Clearly built for a large crowd it had only a few hundred people (if that). The bathroom had about 15 stalls and I was almost always the only person in there. My first impression was total Final Destination.
The first pic is the track, The second is a crack in the joint that connects the wall to the seats. and the final is peeling in the stadium wall. It was super sad.

On of the race cars had a for sale sign on it. I really wanted to buy it. Since Bristol I have wanted to race. I think it would be soooo much fun. Only problem is I have Tony Stewart level road rage. That could be dangerous.

Wouldn't that be a good car for me?
The crowd may have been small but they were into it. Like REALLY into it.

So into it they needed a hit of their inhaler.
We did see a couple of drivers trash talking during the end of race interviews. A driver wrecked a another driver at the finish line. It was pretty cool. All the fun made me excited for Bristol. I bought my cooler. I am not about to carry a cooler around this year. I found one with wheels that is the legal size. I hate how it is plain. My plan is to paint it. Wish me luck.
Nothing would say weekend or birthday like shots.
I love weekends.

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  1. Ooh, is this one of those races where the drivers take a $500 car, bust out all the windows/headlights, put a cage in it, and let it tear around a track? I always thought that would be a blast to take part in. Or just watch.

    1. Yeah! It was fun. They had several different classes from stock, to the kind that NASCAR uses. Some of the cars were sad. One got lapped 4 times by the winner. I felt sorry for him.

  2. That'll be fun, good luck painting it!


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