BlogLovin' and the zombie apocalypse

Once again its Wednesday, and once again I forgot about the how pinteresting link up. So here is me answering some questions, clearing up some rumors, preparing you for the future.


So rumor has it Google Reader is ending on July 1. I kinda had it in my head that it was google friend connect that was ending. But, I guess I was wrong. ( happens from time to time). Although another rumor has it that GFCwill be ending as well. And we all know how rumors go. You may be asking yourself, what will we do? How we will read the blogs we follow? How will we survive the zombie apocalypse that is inevitable? I'm here to answer all these questions and more.

I decided to move to BlogLovin' cause I think BlogLovin' sounds neat and I like the heart. You can do what you want. But I think BlogLovin' is where all the cool kids are going. Therefore you should give in to the peer pressure and head over there too.

So If you don't follow me on BlogLovin' yet, please go ahead and do that now. I have a link on the right. -------> it may be right there.....see it? Click it....go ahead and click you know you want too. WoooHooo thanks for following me.

So now that you've signed up for BlogLovin' you can see all the blogs you follow and people can follow you too, well once they click on the nifty follow with BlogLovin' link. Which they will, because you are awesome and everyone wants to follow you.

What about the blogs I follow through GFC....yeah you can still follow them. When you sign up for BlogLovin', which you should have done import blogs. If you follow any new blogs later using google you will have to import them too, the import is just the blogs you follow right this very second.

Now for the zombie apocalypse, I suggest watching zombieland and taking notes. The rules are very important. Also you should catch up on episodes of  The Walking Dead. Aside from that maybe have a safe room. I already have a safe room...its stocked with Jager and Dr. Pepper (never to be mixed), the random bag of BBQ chips may also be floating around. That's all you really need. Right? Anyway, You are more than welcome to come ride the apocalypse out with me. But you should bring your own Jager. I don't share well.

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