This is a post about sadness with a happy ending. Also known as how to remove an alarm from a bottle of Jager. I wish I had read this post a week ago. But I guess without the unfortunate incident I would never had known that a post like this needed to be written. So here is my PSA on...

Picture it.....Lexington, Ky. I am at Liquor Barn. My supply of Jager is dangerously low and I am in need of restocking. I find the glorious green bottle and head to the front. I'm distracted by, well everything, because I am easily distractable. I didn't notice the tragedy unfolding. I wasn't able to set things right. Just thinking about this makes me tear up.

I head home. I finish the jager in my freezer and reach for the new bottle and that's when I saw it. When the stores are closed, when all the jager in the house is gone, I notice.....They forgot to take the alarm off. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just can't bear replaying this in my head. As soon as the store opened I called. "ummm hello! I bought Jager and the alarm is still on, how do I get the alarm off?" The store employee said, "You don't. and If you don't have the receipt we can't take the alarm off. we have no way of knowing if you stole it or not."
Well of course I don't have the receipt. That would be too easy. My next goal is getting the alarm off without breaking my bottle. I brainstormed ways to remove it. A magnet like they use in clothing stores? A hammer? torch? I googled. I asked around. I cried a little (ok not  really). Finally I just decided to PULL. A glove is necessary. It has sharp spikes on the underside of the alarm. After REALLY pulling hard. The alarm popped off.

I'm so excited that I decided we needed to celebrate with a shot or 4 and this cake wrecks/people of walmart worthy cake
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  1. I'd be livid if the store didn't take off the alarm, then told me they couldn't take it off if I didn't have a receipt. I never take my receipt for liquor. It seems so unnecessary.

    I'm glad you were able to get it off without breaking the precious contents inside.

  2. Omgsh! I would have cried about this alarm...glad it came off! Thanks for linking up:)

  3. I would have CRIED I am so glad you got it off! I probably would have broken the bottle over a container and then strained the glass out. Anything to get at the booze.

  4. Ok I had no idea what a Jager was but now that I've seen I know I would have been monumentally pissed!

  5. haha this put a smile on my face. that's terrible! glad it came off...and that cake is soo funny!

  6. I've never had Jager... but alarms drive me crazy... Good job getting it off of there!


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