11 bands/artists I'm embarrassed to admit I listen to

I love music. I love cranking up my music and singing loudly on my daily commute. But, If I'm in the car with someone, especially a boyfriend, I always let them play their music. Basically, I am horribly embarrassed about my taste in music and I don't want to be secretly or not so secretly judged.  So to get it all out in the open once and for all. Here is a list of the most embarrassing music on my iphone.

  1. Taylor Swift- Life almost ALL of her stuff. I so relate to her serial dater with relationship issues
  2. Brittany Spears. Good Ol' Brit. I'm not sure I like the fake British accent in Scream and Shout but I do love her
  3. One-Direction. I started making fun of Abbey for liking them, but here I am singing along. I even know when its Harry singing.
  4. Bowling for Soup. High school never ends, the bitch song, 1985. Its good stuff people
  5. RISKAY. Totally not work safe, But youtube her. Everyone needs to experience some RISKAY
  6. Bob Segar. Chances are makes me weepy
  7. C.W McCall. Convoy, love me some Convoy
  8. Peter Cetera. Glory of Love, After All. My closet romantic is seeping out
  9. Lady GaGa. Totally Nutty but catchy
  10. Garth Brooks. I've seen him in concert twice. I can't stand his wife but he is awesome
  11. Here Come the Mummies. Also not work safe but totally hilarious
I'm totally hanging my head in shame
What music are you embarrassed that you actually listen to?


  1. I have absolutely zero embarrassment over Bob Seger. 'Merica.

  2. Last night I had old school New Kids on the Block. Harrison told me it was bad and to turn it off, he obviously doesn't know good music.

    1. I love NKOTB. I wanted tickets to their concert this summer with Boyz II Men and 98 degrees but the concert nearest me was sold out.

  3. That is an interesting assortment. No Hansen?

  4. Taylor Swift and Destiny Childs....girl power!

  5. I listen to a lot of oldies...The Beatles, The Beach Boys...people laugh at me for it but hey, I like music that doesn't SCREAM at me. Or have girly boys singing. IE, Justin Timberlake.

  6. I hate Taylor Swift... But I still listen to her. She changes love interest faster than she changes her panties. Does Nicki Minaj count? Yes I did yes I did somebody plz tell him who the F I is...


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