Woe is me?

Or is it?

Anyway. Today's topic for the BEDiM challenge is Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it.

I have nothing. 

Does that seem weird? Seriously though, my life is not perfect, far from it. but I am an optimistic person and I believe things work out. If not exactly how you want them, then in a way that you can learn from. 

As Hannah Montana said "life's what you make it....so lets make it rock" Ummm did I totally just quote Hannah Montana? Go ahead and kill me now.

Seriously though. I am at a great place in my life. I'm a single mom, but I actually like that. I have a great relationship with the girls dad. We have joint custody and see each other the same amount of time. We don't have any of the petty crap I see a lot of divorced couples have. To be honest our relationship is better now that we don't live together. I think we are both doing a fantastic job.

Greg is a nice guy. Like a REALLY nice guy. The kind of guy that would bend over backward to make sure you were doing well. He is so great to the girls that it melts my heart.

Would I like a new car...YES! (and if you want to buy me one I'd love a new Camaro...Black only though). Would I love a bigger house.....YES! but none of those things are a need. They aren't a driving passion of mine. I'm content. I like my lot in life.



  1. I am the same as you, I am way too optimistic to really have any woes...or i am just in denial

  2. My post today was similar.. and I found a few others from the link up that were as well. It so good to read about people feeling content and happy with their lives. I don't think we hear this often enough! Thanks for sharing :)


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