What Do I Do?

Have you heard the joke where the husband comes home and the house is a wreck and he asked what happened....She said you know when you ask me what I do all day? Well today I didn't do it. That's kinda how I feel.

I use to be a SAHM. Which means I was asked Sooo...What DO you do all day? About a million times. Its a hard question to answer especially when a lot of stress is put on the "right job" DO you have that problem or is it just me? My family was never very supportive of my career paths because it was never brag worthy jobs. Not like my friend who became a Dr. My parents avoided talking to his parents. Now I have a great job that is in my field and I absolutely LOVE. Unfortunately for my family who wants to brag, they don't really understand what it is I do. So this post will hopefully shed a light on all the OTHER brag worthy things I do.

I know I may have mentioned that I am a single mom, every single moms (actually all Mom's) have about a million "other jobs" we are.
  1. chauffeur
  2. hair dresser
  3. therapist
  4. personal shopper
  5. chef
  6. maid
  7. ring master
  8. entertainment director
  9. cheerleader
  10. event planner
  11. time manager
  12. tutor
  13. maintenance technician
  14. banker
  15. Decorator
That's just to name a few. We also have pets so I am lion tamer and vet (we just delivered 2 baby kittens and out cat was so young she didn't know how to cut the umbilical cords so I did that)

If you couldn't answer with your job....what would you say you do all day?


  1. ah jaysus!! do they give you a pay raise?

  2. Sounds just like my mom when I was a kid. And kind of still now... ;)

  3. I so relate to this. I am busy all the damned time, but I still feel like I'm cheating at life since I left my moderately sexy "real" job. Saying that I attempt to write and clean up dog pee all day sounds really ... wah-wah.

    1. I forgot Dog pee cleaner. That's the first thing I do every morning.


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