Things that make me uncomfortable

I've been busy, and in a rut. Which is why when I saw the blog everyday in May Challenge I have to jump in and try it.

What makes me uncomfortable......I just don't know where to start.
  • The fact that I have a 13 year old now. Not sure how that happened when clearly I am still too young. Heck in my head I am only 26. This makes me uncomfortable not because it makes me seem old, but because I remember those teenage years and I am not ready for the pressures she will be facing, I'm not ready to let her grow up, I'm not ready to deal with the crazy hormones. I am just beyond uncomfortable with the whole growing up process.
  • I am uncomfortable about the dark especially about driving at night. I don't see super well anyway, but I'm afraid my car will break down and then I will be killed lol. I'm  afraid of being outside at night....hello serial killers hiding in the dark.
  • Walking into the hospital to see my dad. At first it was because he was in extremely poor health, now it is because he is going to tell me how awful it is where he is, and how awful it is that I haven't quit my life and my job and camped at the hospital until he is out. Again that is a post I need to get to.
  • Large Dogs. I grew up with Dobermans. I LOVED them. Such sweeties and never had any trouble with them, but for some reason I just don't trust other peoples big dogs. I've been bitten by a poodle and by a medium size mutt, and chased by a beagle so you would think that I would fear small dogs. Nope I have no fear of the little breeds.
  • Confrontation. I hate arguing....but I am also the type of person who doesn't back down. I just wish drama would stay away I have enough going on and don't need it.
  • Showering when I'm the only one home.....have you ever seen Psycho, or Shocker? I guess that really falls under a paralyzing fear....hmmm ok the dark falls under paralyzing fear too.


  1. Hi...stopping by from the blog every day challange. I'm the same way about taking showers when no one is home! I always think I hear something that's not there! And then sometimes my dogs bark and random things so that freaks me out more!

  2. I have, and always have had, a transparent shower curtain for that very reason. My first apartment (10 years ago... wow.) I was all ready to buy this super cute printed one, then my mother reminded me of psycho, and it's been clear ever since.

    1. Mine is a glass door. I can clearly see out it and yet I still want to shower as fast as I can so I can jump out. You can forget legs being shaved if I'm the only one home.

  3. I like showering facing the door, for the same reason and I try not to close my eyes unless really necessary, weird saying that when it comes to showering hey. I must sound like a basket case right about now. Hello from the link up by the way!


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