Princess Buttercup

I may have mentioned my sweet little Shih Tzu named Westley. He’s my sweet snuggly boy.
But did you know Westley use to have a girlfriend named Buttercup. (a shout out to all the Princess Bride fans) 

I met Buttercup several years ago when I was working for home health.  One of my patients had just gotten her from their neighbor. Who allowed her to drink beer. The patient of mine lived in a house overflowing with roaches, gnats, and a stench that could be smelled from outside the house. To get by I would stick vicks vapor rub up my nose so I could do what I needed to do without puking.
The only bright spot to this visit was a liver colored Shih Tzu they called Nikki. She would run to the door when I would come in and dance around wanting me to pick her up. I did my job as quick as I could and then pick her up and snuggle her. She was matted, she was stinky, but under all of that she was so sweet. She had brown eyes that would melt you. She was so starved for love. The owners weren’t, mean to her, but they didn’t really pay any attention to her either.

Every day I visited I would say...You should let me take this cutie home with me, my girls would just love her. I said this every day.
My sister had a White Shih Tzu named Scarlet and around this time her ex boyfriend kept the dog in their break up. She was heartbroken.
Soon after Heather lost Scarlet I visited this house with Nikki and again I said you should let me have her. This time they said yes. I picked her up as quickly as I could and hurried out to my car. The little sweetie wiggled from her head to her tail when I left the house with her. She looked up at me with the sweetest brown eyes that were so full of gratitude. 

I called Heather and asked her if she wanted a Shih Tzu. She started screaming YES! YES! YES! I took her home and bathed her. It took me 3 times to get her clean. Heather came up that night and got her new lovey. When Heather first met Nikki she said Oh my sweet buttercup and it was love at first sight between both of them. Heather renamed her Buttercup and was the niece I never had.

 I accidentally ran over Miss Buttercup a few months ago and killed her. It broke my heart. I cried and had nightmares for months afterwards. I couldn’t back out of my driveway without having an anxiety attack.We've decided we need to start a Shih Tzu rescue. We want to call it Princess Buttercup's home for wayward Shih Tzu's.

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  1. Awh I love Princess Bride :D have it on double disk DVD :) Sorry about Buttercup though :* accidents happen!


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