Oh How embarrassing

I have a confession to make. I don't embarrass easily. If you know me that may come as a shock because I am ALWAYS doing something embarrassing like:
  • On a first date to see Mortal Kombat practically screaming "Is that Tommy Lee Jones" at the screen....in a packed theater....and no it was in fact NOT Tommy Lee Jones.
  • When I was a competitive swimmer I had several wardrobe malfunctions...white suit anyone....or how about partial frontal nudity?
  • Tripping over my own feet is a daily occurrence.
  • Talking without thinking? Yup I do that all the time.
  • nursing my child at a Renaissance festival (covered up in a blanket) having a stranger pull the blanket back to see the baby and coincidentally my boob....yup it happened.
  • Accidentally calling my boss "mom"....it happened.
  • Putting a jacket on upside down (hangs head in shame, because I was sober when I did this)
None of that embarrasses me. I have an ability to laugh at myself. Life is too short to worry and stress about what others think about the dumb things that you do. But what really embarrasses me is what other people do. That's odd I know. Some examples are

  • I had a boyfriend that went through a spell of saying everything was "Mickey Mouse" every time he said it I wanted to crawl under the table and die. I have no idea why this horrified me so much, but it did.
  • People who wear PJ's to the store. I may not always look like a million bucks (or even a 5 dollar bill) when I go out, but good lord people when I see you dressed for bed I want to cover my head in shame for you.
  • I had another ex who tried to talk "young" only he was using slang  from his parents time. "Shake n' Bake" seriously?!? How can I stay with you when listening to that makes me want to die inside. Ok maybe that is extreme. Maybe I should apply the don't worry about what people think of me advice to other people and stop caring how ridiculous they look and sound. But I can't because that's just who I am.
Whats an embarrassing thing you've done.....or just what embarrasses you? Unless its me. If I embarrass you please keep it to yourself :)


  1. Oh god that reminds me of my freshman year - Varsity swim team getting fitted for my competition suit - you know the one that is 4 sizes smaller than you usually wear and coming out of the locker room and male asst coach seeing half my lady parts hanging out. Oh the shame.... I don't embarrass easily either. And I am so with you on others making me feel most uncomfortable! The pjs in
    public is just bad!

  2. Ohhh white swimsuit?! That's just a disaster waiting to happen! These are all pretty funny though!


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