I miss time.

Time to clean my house, time to paint and decorate. I miss lazy days doing nothing or at least very little.

Don't get me wrong I love that my dad is alive, I love that he is getting stronger everyday. I'm just at the point in his recovery where I am impatient and ready for him to be home. Its selfish. I know that and I hate that about myself....but we are at 2 months in the hospital. 1 month in a hospital 2 hours from my house. I try to visit several times a week. My sister goes almost every day. In my opinion she is an absolute saint for doing this.

Back story. I have been meaning to make this a post and have been really to busy so here it is.

March 26 My sister called me and said dad was missing. I laughed it off because dad is an independent adult, how could he be missing. I was sitting at the state capital, in a training to be certified to teach Pediatric head trauma to child care providers and preschools. She called me later with some details.....she found dad passing out in the walmart parking lot he was turning blue. She had him taken to the closest hospital (which doesn't have a great reputation) He had an o2 level of 50% (literally dying) they had to put him on a vent where he stayed for 2 weeks. We were there everyday, in the beginning all day. We learned how to read the vent machine, we learned the ins and  out of the meds he was on and we dealt with a nursing staff that looked at us with pity every day. We dealt with resp techs that worked their asses off to keep him alive. We dealt with a dr that told us 1. he is brain dead we need to sign a DNR and let him go because code blue would be a waste of her time. (yes she said that) 2. He is in liver failure and again we should sign the DNR. My sister and I refused. We asked to see the test results because he came in with double pneumonia, and copd. We didn't believe what she said.Of course she had no proof that he was brain dead or in liver failure because there were no tests performed to determine that, and he obviously was not either of those things. She said if we were insisting on keeping him there she wanted him on a trach vent. We refused and asked he be transferred.

So a little over 2 weeks since he was admitted he was transferred to a different hospital. They had him off the vent in 4 days. By the end of a week,they had him on the rehab floor to build the muscle strength that he lost from not being moved for 3 weeks. We have been working on getting him strong enough to go home for so long that I am wondering if we will ever be hospital free. Believe me this is making a long story short. We've had ups and downs and cherished every single improvement even when it seems insignificant. I'm just tired, I just miss my me time. 


  1. First, Happy Mothers Day to you and second... Wow you deserve a break. I haven't had to do it myself, but I have a few friends that have been thru that kind of situation and it takes a lot out of a person. I am so glad your father is doing better but what a rough road.

  2. I'm so glad he's recovering. He'll be home soon and hopefully you won't have to ever deal with this again.


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