Letting Go

I'm suppose to react to the term letting go....

I'm not sure what to say. I have a hard time with change and this includes letting go. I hold a grudge like nobodies business. I hang on to clothes that don't fit, books I don't read, and friends that I've outgrown (or that have out grown me) because I don't like change. Letting go is giving in to the change. Good or bad it is accepting that things are inevitable.

So my reacting to the phrase letting go. I don't like to let go, letting go sucks. I refuse to actually let go unless I am forced too.

Wow this was a lame post. Sorry. Maybe tomorrow will be better, but since I have to leave at 6:30am to get to a conference by 8:30 I seriously doubt it will be.


  1. I know that feeling especially when holding onto physically things, but feelings are another story :p

  2. This is an honest post. It doesn't suck.. I know about holding on.. too much about holding on and not enough about letting go

  3. This wasn't lame, I am the same with letting go - although once I throw things out during cleaning I can't seem to stop!


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