just pics (and a few words)

Todays challenge is just pictures. I can't do just pictures. So here are a few things I've been up to this holiday weekend.
1. Em passing time at the hospital
2. The neighbors dog came to visit Wes
3. Wes celebrated having a friend visit by rolling around in the leaves. I know he looks homeless. He needs groomed BAD
4. This is what I would LOVE to do in the bathroom
5. How I spent my weekend
6. Getting my hair colored
7. Em rocking a bun. This child has the longest, thickest hair I've ever seen
8. The Balloon launch for Emmy's friend Alexis :(
Only 3 days left of the challenge. I'm a little nervous that I won't have anything to say without prompts.


  1. Aw the neighbors have a mini Hawkeye! Well, they have a normal sized one. Hawkeye's just chunky. Wes looks adorable.

    1. Awww Hawkeye is a cutie. Poor Wes. I like to let him stay shaggy for winter so I don't have to fight him into sweaters and coats. Now he just looks a mess and needs a hair cut.

  2. ah the dogs!! I also like the saying...I think I am the one for me too! the bun is looking good tho :)

    1. Her hair hits mid back, she said if its not pulled up it starts to sizzle. Makes me glad my hair is shorter.


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