For sale by owner

Today's challenge was to sale yourself in 10 words.

I almost didn't make posting this in time for it to count for the blogging everyday in May. I woke up at 5. which I think should not be allowed on a Saturday. I took Abbey to the middle school for her trip (we live 30+ miles from the school) then came home got ready for a  training I was assisting with, After that went to out to eat (which involves the same 30+ mile trip) shopped and then came home and crashed for a few hours. I may have to make that 30+ mile trip again to get Abbey from the trip.

So me in 10 words......
short (4'10")
passionate (about everything I care about)
fun (I'm up for almost anything as long as it won't kill me or ruin my life)
controlling (I like to be in charge of things I have a hard time letting go)
adventurous (This probably goes along with fun)
advocate (for early childhood issues, dyslexia, child care quality)
collector (Nine West purses, nail polish ect....)
lazy (I could lay on the couch watching tv and reading pretty much all the time)
funny (maybe I'm not really, but I think I'm hilarious.) 


  1. waking up early on the weekend should be illegal!

    I like how you port short in there, that does make you funny... :D

  2. Stopping by from Blog Every Day in May.

    I enjoyed your words.
    That's a long journey to get places. Yikes.


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