Dear Readers

Dear Readers

Let me take the time to apologize for taking the day off from blogging. I'm writing you this note mainly because today's BEDiM prompt is to write you a letter, but please don't expect anything profound or hilarious or hilariously profound. Basically, I just wanted to be able to say I finished the challenge. I wanted to feel the satisfaction of making myself put something on paper, even when I was busy or didn't feel like I had anything real to say. I do appreciate you. I love that people want to read the randomness that I have to say. I love the comments you leave and even if I don't respond or respond right away, I do read every one of them and am so happy that you've taken the time out of your day to see what I have to ramble on about. It makes me feel warm and cozy. So, thanks for stopping by. I'll now get back to what I was doing which was helping my girlies clean their room and making a shopping list for all the home improvement projects that I have planned. You are more than welcome to come help me paint or to move furniture for me. Hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day.

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