Days of Our Lives....

or at least my life.

I have dreaded this day on the BEDiM challenge. Because I have a completely boring life and I didn't want you to feel sorry for me, for how bland it is. So here ya go a typical day in my life.

Disclaimer: I didn't take all of these pics in one day. Its over a period of time. I assure you though its a typical day in the neighborhood.

  1. Ugggh I can't believe I posted this pic of me first thing in the morning. My eye bags have eye bags and you could drive a truck through my pores.
  2. Moving on....I fix Emmy's hair
  3. Tell Abbey that she looks weird in fake nerd glasses....But the Def Leppard shirt is awesome (it use to be mine I bought it at a concert)
  4. I go to work, in a closet. I love my job, my coworker.....just not the windowless closet I work in. But good news we are looking at new office space.
  5. I feed the kids. 
  6. Visit dad at the hospital
  7. Thats my girlies and my sister lounging around the hospital
  8. Someone tries to escape the hospital....not dad although he would if he could
  9. Then I chill on the computer until I fall asleep
There ya go... except for pics of me snuggling the animals its a typical day. 


  1. You have a job :o I'd say that's pretty exciting :D

  2. I'm sure it's not that boring! You have a job to keep you busy :)

  3. Hahaha the escape the hospital photo is hilarious, like noooo no one is noticing me dressed like this... no worries...


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