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I use to write starting about 10 years ago for Moms today part of BabyCenter. It was before I had heard of a “blog” but that’s what I did. I was basically a mommy blog. I could barely pump out a post a week. Don’t get me wrong. I think my kids are fabulous but there is only so much I can say about them before even my eyes glaze over.

That site closed and lots of people started writing blogs. I really miss some of the women I followed at back then and wish I could find them. I started a blog too, because I missed the outlet. I got bored. I started to write another...I got bored. I learned that I can’t just limit myself to one genre. I am just too ADD to write about parenting, or education, fashion, or organization all the time. I then discovered this thing called Life Style Blogs. It was like a light going off. I could totally do something that didn’t pigeonhole my topics.
That being said I LOVE a good education blog. I LOVE organization, fashion, and of course lifestyle. I admire the women I am about to give a shout out to for being able to come up with topics every day.  

So here are my 5 favorite blogs.

Organizational Blog She is amazing. If you like organizing, IKEA hacks, decorating and generally looking at pretty pics of room then you really need to follow her.
IHeart Organizing

Fashion Blog Katie can make anything look good. She is rocking a pregnant belly and I’d still love to steal her outfits.

Teacher Blog I no longer teach but I still follow teaching blogs and pin teaching ideas like its a second job.
Lifestyle Blog I’ve told you all how wonderful Stephanie is before so why haven’t you gone over there and started following her excuse people. Go ahead and do it.
And last but not least 


  1. These all sound amazing! Can't wait to check them out

  2. Hey I'm your newest follower! Blogging is hard, I'm quite new to it so I hope I stick it out for a while. I'll be sure to check those blogs out that you mention :)

    1. Yay! Thanks for following me. I hope I don't bore you.


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