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Lets take a trip back to 6th grade. It was the end of the standardized testing. I was at best an average student. Honestly I hated school except for hanging out with my friends. I couldn't care less about things the teachers were trying to teach.

This particular year we had a sub from the beginning of the year until Christmas break when they finally found a teacher that would take the class. My sister had gotten Chicken Pox the week before testing. I had never had it, and it was before the vaccine was available.

So the first day of testing I feel like absolute shit. All I want to do is lay my head down and sleep. I don't itch anywhere but I am miserable. I hurry and finish the test so I can lay down until everyone else finishes. Obviously I didn't read the questions, I think I made a pattern with my answer bubbles.

When the morning testing was over we got a bathroom break the teacher pulled me aside as the rest of the class filed out. Once everyone else was gone the teacher said "Did you really try your best on this test?  (insert name of smartest kid in our class) is smarter than you, and you finished way before him"

Ummmm yeah he did say this other kid was SMARTER than me. I was stunned that he said that. Deep inside I knew this was true. Hell the guy he was talking about is a Dr. now. But you just don't say it that way. No matter how true it is, no matter how much you believe it to be true. I think for a few years it made me not care about trying. I already  hated school so why make an effort when the teachers already decided that I was dumb.

Hmmm....this reminds me of another story of epic failure of the part of schools. By the time I got to high school I realized the teacher that said that, while true was full of shit. I wasn't dumb I just hated how the information was being presented. So I found my stride and had an idea of how I wanted my adult life to be and just went with my own ideas. My grades were mostly above average except where math was concerned and that was average at best. I had my mandatory meeting with my guidance counselor to talk about college possibilities and goals. My counselor looked me dead in the eyes and said, "your a pretty girl you should be a hair dresser or something" Not taking away from hair dressers. I would die without mine. Jenny is the BEST. But I hated fixing my hair every morning so I would usually bring makeup and hair stuff with me to school and a friend would do it before classes started.

As a side note I made sure to send an invitation to my college graduation to my high school counselor. She said she was so proud of me and always knew I could do it. I laughed and said yeah I bet you did.

I thought I was done with the post, but I guess I'm an over achiever today. Either that or I am better at holding grudges than I thought. This last thing was said to me just a few years ago. Greg is an amazingly talented musician and gets asked all the time to play weddings and parties. This was at a wedding he was playing at. I was standing with the band which consisted of Greg, our friend Ben who was finishing up his bachelor degree in music and another friend that is a retired teacher. Another guy walks up and is talking about how he has a recording studio, and how he use to play on cruise ships. Blah blah blah about cruise ships. Its fun, easy money. Playing every day. He was really pushing hard for the guys to jump aboard the cruise ship entertainment idea. Without missing a beat he turned to me and said "and you can make the beds" I said honey I don't make my own bed. Why the fuck do you think I'd make someone else's. He didn't take to kindly to my anti excitement about his idea.

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  1. Hi holly! You are prettier than Molly Ringwald :). That teacher and the guy at that wedding are idiots, why would you say something like that?


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