10 things

I Hate about you that makes me happy.

I could probably more easily at this moment write about the 10 things I hate. Since that isn't the challenge though I will try to push on and find 10 things that make me happy.

  • My Girlies.
What a terrible quality pic. I have no idea where this was even taken, I just found it hanging out on my phone.

  • My Shih Tzu Westley and Cats Tiger, Sam, Katniss, Rue, and Sammy Davis Jr. (We are arguing over SDJ's name. Abbey hates it. I think its funny since Sam is the dad. You are free to weigh in on your thoughts. Also if you want two kittens Rue and SDJ will be available in about 3 more weeks. I'm starting to feel like a crazy cat lady....please don't call animal hoarders on me. I'm begging you.
Only Tiger wanted to pose for a pic
  • The smell of fresh cut grass. I could just lay on my deck and just breathe in, whenever someone is mowing. Notice I said SOMEONE. I've never mowed and probably never will.

  • flip flop weather, which we haven't had yet. I'm starting to feel like I live in some crazy state like Alaska where it is cold all the time. Its middle of May and I am wearing a sweater!! (not that I actually think Alaska is crazy...just that I'd never live in a state where it was that cold all the time. Polar bears are cool though....yup that was random sorry)
  • How my hair looks when I leave my hair dresser. I have seen the same stylist for 200 6 years and I adore her. She mixes my own personal color for me. ooops I guess I let the cat out of the bag that I am not a natural red head. Sorry to disappoint my hair is actually an extremely dark brown. (Did you read the about me where I said my great great grandfather was a Sioux chief...seriously John Grass google him. That should have  been the clue that this carrot top is not the real deal) I do have green eyes though so it works and most people I meet that don't really know me assumes I am some cool genetic freak that was born with red hair, green eyes, and a tan year round. Seriously I've had been stop me and comment on how awesome it is that I am not a ghost.

  • My job! How many people can say their job makes them happy? I really hope everyone raised their hand for that. I have not always loved my job. I use to work for Head Start and I hated it. Love the principle of head start. Loved the kiddies and my immediate coworkers. My bosses were horrible horrible people. Hi ex bosses....just in case you are stalking my page. They were rude, rarely had a kind word to say, everything was the end of the world. The pay stunk. Current job is awesome. I have a wonderful boss that supports and challenges and is a cheerleader for us. My coworker is fantastic. I look forward to going to work everyday. That is once I get past my dislike for getting out of bed.
  • Bacon. The number one reason I could never be vegetarian.   
  • Getting presents for no reason
  • A clean car....this actually rarely happens. Ex husband #2 use to clean my car out all the time...that was nice, except sometimes he would lecture me about how awful it was. Like I didn't already know.
  • Sleeping in.


  1. Mmm bacon, same reason I could never be a veggie! That's great that your job makes you happy too :)

  2. the smell of fresh cut grass is amazing, or the smell after rain mmhhh

  3. How nice to love your job! But.. you've NEVER mowed a lawn???? That's unbelievable! :)

    1. nope never. I lived in apartments for awhile and then I rented and the landlord had someone do it as part of the rent. I had about 5 years where I was in a house but my husband did it. Now that I'm not married my boyfriend mows it. He keeps hinting that its about time to break that no mowing streak.

  4. Bacon and sleeping in! Win. I love your pets too, and I've never even met them. But photos of Westley make me happy.


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