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I have been saying everyday for months years about needing to lose weight. I have a few problems.
  1. I am lazy and stand exercise.
  2. I like food especially bad or you food....Dr Pepper might as well be my blood. Talk about empty calories. 1 can is 150 calories. I drink about 6 a day.
  3. Did I mention I am lazy?
It doesn't help that dad has been in the hospital for 6 weeks. Dinner and some days all meals are take out. I didn't realize just how much weight I've gained until I saw this pic.

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No I am not pregnant but I look about 6 months. I currently weigh 130 pounds. I didn't even weigh this when I was delivering my children. When I graduated high school I weighed 95 pounds. Which sounds like nothing but remember I am only 4'10.

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Back in my swimming days...I miss this body.
I have decided something needs to happen. I've charted my food intake for several days using the myfitnesspal app. I discovered I eat between 1400-1800 calories a day. Most of this is Dr pepper. Its like crack to me. For some reason I can't stand diet Dr. pepper so I end up drinking a ton of empty calories. Some goals I have set for myself is.
  1.  limit Dr. Pepper to 2 cans a day
  2. Start walking, starting with 1 mile a day
  3. limit calories to 1400 a day
  4. Blog weekly about my weight loss
  5. readjusting this plan as needed.
The whole thing makes me feel like this.....

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  1. Good luck girl. I'm terrible about this too, I really need to work on it. I hate exercising. And I really like nachos and beer.


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