A baby story

With everything going on with dad I haven't even been able to think about the post I wanted to write for today.

Today is Emmy's birthday. I can't believe that my sweet baby is 9. Believe me I do not look old enough to have a 9 year old (and in 4 weeks I won't look old enough to have a teenager either)

9 years ago (last night) I started to go to bed about 11 and as soon as I laid down I felt a pop and a gush of fluid. I had to have my water broken with Abbey so I was a little freaked out about this. I took a shower and started calling family and my husband at the time and I headed to the hospital with our almost 4 year old in tow.

I had to refill out papers I had already filled out to admit me (keep in mind I am dripping fluid despite the fact that I put a pad on). It really makes me wonder if they don't keep up with the forms or what because that was a waste of time. Then they told me to wait in the waiting room. Finally after the puddle under me got to be pretty big, I asked for a towel or something to clean it up. Its like they just realized then that I have been leaving a trail. They rushed me into an exam room and examined me and determined yes my water had broken. I think maybe they thought I couldn't stop peeing on myself. Anyway Abbey couldn't go back with us (even though I wanted her to) and Mike had to stay with her until family came. I went to the L&D room alone. They hooked me up to monitors and the monitors didn't work. So we changed rooms and hooked me up to different monitors. I am still having no contractions. Maybe just a twinge hear and there. I watch some crappy tv since it is the middle of the night.

The nurse said they wanted to start pitocin and I refused. You'll hear more about this evil drug in a few weeks for Abbey's birth story. Long story short its a terrible drug that is suppose to speed the process along. (for the record Emmy with no pitocin was 4 hours. Abbey with pitocin was 18 hours). I did ask for an epidural because I was scared about the pain....even though I really wasn't having any. I am kind of a wimp.

A few minutes after the epidural I felt ill. Like going to puke ill. I remembered feeling this way with abbey during the transition period. I asked for a bucket and well I'll not describe the rest. The nurse checked me and I was ready to push. I had no dr and no husband in the room with me. My dr assumed since Abbey was 18 hours that we had a little more time. So a resident and nurse caught Emmy and my husband made it in the room right before she was born. After just a couple of pushes Emmy was born on 4/4/4 at 4:44 am (thanks to the time change that night)

She was red and wrinkled and had scratched her face all up but I thought she was sooo sweet and adorable with fat little cheeks. Her big sister was so in love with her that she talked my dad and sister into going to the store and buying her a birthday cake. Which Abbey ate a piece for her since she couldn't have cake yet.

I wish I had baby pics this computer maybe I can add them later.

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