Yup its a Monday

 Picture this.....

I woke up at 5:00 so I could drive the 2 hours to my works main office for meetings (actually the meetings were great! I have wonderful coworkers and a fantastic boss) and my hair looked good.
Ok I'm sure you are wondering how having a good hair day is hell.....and it isn't...but

On the way to the office I stopped for hot chocolate and burned my throat. I had no clue it was that hot! So that sucked. On the way home my coworker who I road with stopped and let me get my car. I picked up food and headed to get my girls. Wouldn't you know I get a flat. Actually I knew my tires were crap and had already ordered new tires that will hopefully me in tomorrow. I have never changed a tire in my life! Thankfully my friend Kim's husband came to help me.
and they were nice enough to loan me their car so I could make it home without worrying about my other 3 tires. While we were working on the tire two little yorkies were excited and wanting to come check us out when they started across the road one got hit my a car and died. The other was terrified and ran back home. It has broken my heart. I feel like its my fault even though I didn't hit it.

 I am hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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  1. Oh no!! That is so sad about the pup :( And sorry about the flat, that's a pain.


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