This post is dedicated to Steph @ Bourbon and Glitter

All about me....

1.  what's your favorite vacation spot?
 My family always did educational vacations. So I never really had any I liked except for our trip to San Antonio TX. I love that town.
2.  favorite Disney movie (if you tell me you don't like any Disney movies, well, gtfo! liar!)
 Aristocats How can you not love cats, that sing.
3.  TV show you could watch over and over and over
Psych or Desperate Housewives. Untold Stories of the ER
4.  what's your very favorite bar in your hometown or college town? 
My hometown was dry when I lived there. My college town might as well be it was small and only had 1 bar. So lots of drinking got done in dorm rooms.
5.  do you have a weird habit you do on a daily basis?
I don't do it on a daily basis but If I'm eating cheese popcorn I eat the kernels first, putting the soft part in a cup until I have a full cup to eat and then I eat that. 
6.  best gift you've ever received?
A picture that use to hang in my grandmothers house. After she died someone in the family was going to throw it out and my sister rescued it for me. 
7.  favorite store to shop at for clothes?  not that i need any more to look at...
I just discovered H&M and I've wondered how did I manage to go so long without it. Also it seems most of my work clothes have come from New York & Company. 
8.  website (not personal blog or social media) you check daily?,,
9.  food you could never give up on a diet
Philly Cheese-steak and Dr. Pepper

10. alcoholic cupcake flavor you'd like to see from me in the future?  (yeah i went there) something with jager I <3 jager


  1. Oh, good grief. You HAVE to be kidding me-

    *goes to Google*

    -oh, ye gods, there's actually such a thing as a Jager Bomb Cupcake. This is a real thing that exists.

    Y'all are just wrong.

  2. Haha yay! Aristocats and Psych are my favorites too! I will definitely work out something with Jager for you.


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