The great cat rescue part 2

Tuesday morning came around and Tiger was still in the tree. His meows were strong and he was wiggling around on the branch. As I backed my car out of the driveway he glared at me as if to say "uh mom I'm still in this tree."

Greg was on the phone all day trying to find someone to climb the tree to get him. Someone from the electric company volunteered to come climb the tree. How super awesome is the Licking Valley RECC!!! I was sending messages to people trying to get anyone I could to help. Heath volunteered to try to get him down, but by the time he came Tiger was gone and we had no idea where he was now. We walked up and down the hillside (the road isn't called ridge view court for nothing.) I didn't hear any meowing and was pretty freaked out worrying about him

A few hours later Greg looked outside and here come Tiger limping across the yard. He stopped to steal some food from a stunned Westley before he came inside and got swarmed with love from the other cats. I know he needed rest but I was so happy to have tiger home that I couldn't put him down.
Poor little sweetie when he first came home.
Emmy's bed became the best spot to nap in.
I just couldn't put the little furball down.
I thing we are in agreement that he is not to be climbing anymore trees. The only tree he is allowed to climb is this one.
Lets hope he doesn't get stuck in this one too.


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