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Steph at Bourbon and Glitter did a style quiz and I couldn't resist I had to jump on the band wagon. I just moved and suddenly I hate everything I own and want all new. What is it about a move that will do that to you? I thought this is a perfect time to see what style fits me. and the verdict is.....
I am sassy

"Sassy is just that! She couldn't be short on personality if she tried. She expresses herself with playful colors, fun patterns, and an unabashed boldness—all acquired at very savvy prices. She knows her style, and she's not afraid to take risks and have fun. When you visit a Sassy friend, you can't help but smile." How to style Sassy "Start with a crisp, white room, and add bright colors and bold patterns. Try a large graphic rug paired with a starburst mirror to sass it up."

with a touch of boho

"Boho isn't just carefree. She's adventurous and passionate, loving color and new and unusual uses for things. She's into the Revamp, Reuse, and Recycle, and she can't get enough of foraging for a good deal while mixing and matching silk-and-knit textures and vibrant colors anywhere she can." How to style boho. "Build around that great piece you already love with layers of color, like mustards and oranges, and accessories that embody your spirited personality."

Ummmm if you know me you know Id die if I was forced to live anywhere with white walls. Either that or every square inch would have to be covered with colorful art. I just can't handle white walls. I think this makes my style look colorful and tacky. Honestly though, Boho is probably a little more me. If I ever get unpacked, I'll invite you over for jager and music and you can see what I've done with the place. At the moment I don't want to scare you with the hat box border in the bedroom. 

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  1. Girl, I totally see you as Sassy! Personality-wise at least :) And I love homes with color and personality, and now you have a great redecorating plan in mind when you get new things! There's definitely ways to keep it from looking tacky. I really like the pinterest boards and blogs they suggest for all the categories.


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