My new super power

I went to the OBGYN yesterday. I should have known it was going to be an interesting visit when my form asked my sex. Or maybe I misunderstood and they were asking if I wanted sex.

Anyway....I had a hysterectomy almost 6 years ago for cysts and a prolapsed uterus. About a month ago I started have pain on my left side where my ovary is/was. I tell this to the dr today, who I might add is not the dr that did my surgery. He does a pelvic exam and tells me he feels a normal ovary with no masses on it. Then feels the right side and says hmm....I feel one over here too. I said nope one was removed. Then I get THAT look the one that says what the hell do you know, and he said honey, you know we can remove cysts without removing the ovary. I said yes I am aware of that and I am aware that one of my ovaries was removed. He sends off for my records and comes back in and says well....Your left ovary was removed. Maybe you are feeling diverticulitis (inflammation on the colon) or a kidney stone. Sorry but no kidney stone I've ever heard of lasts for months and is only a mild ache, and with diverticulitis you have a fever. That still doesn't explain why he felt an ovary, and why was he not interested in doing an ultrasound and looking at it? Heck I wanna see what it is.

So the only logical explanation is when I got bit by a tick and got Lyme disease a few years ago it was a radio active tick, and in addition to Lyme I got super organ regenerating powers. If you see news reports of a girl wearing all black and swinging from building rescuing people from evil villains, its just me.

A friend of mine on facebook pointed out that I should not say OBGYN because it makes them think I need the OB part. I was just trying to give the dr credit for all he can do. No OB for me.

A side rant on my visit. He asked how many sexual partners I've had. Personally I don't think its any of his damn business. I realize his job is my reproductive health. But as long as I am conscience of STD's and stuff why does it matter? I didn't ask him how many different child care centers he has put his child in. 

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