I see you..I mean I sea you, no wait ICU

We are on day 3 of dads ICU stay. He is still sedated although today his meds did wear off some and he started to open his eyes and look around. I think he has a long road to go but I think with time he will improve. He has a great group of nurses I have loved talking to each of them. You know what I don't love....

The way the visitors refuse to flush the communal toilet. Hello people some of us are here all day long and we get tired of flushing for you and picking up the trash you throw in the floor.

The way I have no appropriate "hospital clothes" you know clothes that say 1. I am comfy and 2. I DO have a home with a shower and 3. I don't resort to wearing my PJ bottoms everywhere. Good news is no one else seems to either. I never thought I'd miss wearing scrubs, although if I had some on they may put me to work and I am DONE with that kind of work.

How it brings out the crazy in people. Or maybe its because I rarely see my extended family and the crazy is always there? I don't know but it sure is annoying.

I have to give a shout out to all the staff of the Paul B Hall ICU. They have been MORE Than nice to me and I see them take such good care of dad. They also keep asking if they can get me anything.

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  1. What a long week for you and your family. Glad he is doing better.


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