Cat rescue part 1

My cat is stuck in a tree. He's been there since Saturday night. Anyone know how to get a cat down....and don't say fire department because they said they don't do that.

The girls had friends come over on Friday and I guess they were louder than the boy cats wanted. After 30 minutes of looking at them do this.
I let them out. Saturday night I heard meowing and went outside   to look around. Abbey spotted Tiger (The orange cat) in a tree. Sunday we tried coaxing him out. With no luck. Today some friends came over and tried a few things. That actually made him go higher. Here are scenes from the cat rescue attempts.
Can you spot the cat in the tree? I tried to add an arrow but Photobucket is being a pain. 
Trying to make a ramp....or as I call it a cat walk
Katniss said just leave Tiger in the tree because you have me.
So we are stuck with cat in the tree for another night. I'll keep you posted


  1. Oh no!! I hope you got Tiger down....I know that's scary!

  2. Poor baby!! He'll come down when he's hungry for sure, just hope nothing happens to him before then.
    Stupid fire department, tell them to get over there with a ladder and get your cat! You pay taxes for that!

  3. Oh, poor Tiger! I really don't have any idea.. I guess he will get down when he gets hungry. Take his favorite food and put it on the ground near the tree.


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