I see you..I mean I sea you, no wait ICU

We are on day 3 of dads ICU stay. He is still sedated although today his meds did wear off some and he started to open his eyes and look around. I think he has a long road to go but I think with time he will improve. He has a great group of nurses I have loved talking to each of them. You know what I don't love....

The way the visitors refuse to flush the communal toilet. Hello people some of us are here all day long and we get tired of flushing for you and picking up the trash you throw in the floor.

The way I have no appropriate "hospital clothes" you know clothes that say 1. I am comfy and 2. I DO have a home with a shower and 3. I don't resort to wearing my PJ bottoms everywhere. Good news is no one else seems to either. I never thought I'd miss wearing scrubs, although if I had some on they may put me to work and I am DONE with that kind of work.

How it brings out the crazy in people. Or maybe its because I rarely see my extended family and the crazy is always there? I don't know but it sure is annoying.

I have to give a shout out to all the staff of the Paul B Hall ICU. They have been MORE Than nice to me and I see them take such good care of dad. They also keep asking if they can get me anything.

Prayers needed

My dad is in the icu on a vent with copd, congestive heart failure and double pneumonia. I could really use all your prayers right now.

With this ring.....

I was rearranging some of Greg's CD's when I found this!
Its not a very good pic because I took it with my phone, but its a nice shiny ring in a pretty burgundy case. I quickly snapped this pics and sent a text to Greg telling him I found it.

I told him since he didn't know where it came from I was giving it to the girls to play with.

Here is a lesson.....Just because you find a ring at your significant others does not mean he plans to give it to you, it could be left over from the girlfriend before you. Or mysteriously dropped of by aliens who like messing with people relationships.

This post is dedicated to Steph @ Bourbon and Glitter

All about me....

1.  what's your favorite vacation spot?
 My family always did educational vacations. So I never really had any I liked except for our trip to San Antonio TX. I love that town.
2.  favorite Disney movie (if you tell me you don't like any Disney movies, well, gtfo! liar!)
 Aristocats How can you not love cats, that sing.
3.  TV show you could watch over and over and over
Psych or Desperate Housewives. Untold Stories of the ER
4.  what's your very favorite bar in your hometown or college town? 
My hometown was dry when I lived there. My college town might as well be it was small and only had 1 bar. So lots of drinking got done in dorm rooms.
5.  do you have a weird habit you do on a daily basis?
I don't do it on a daily basis but If I'm eating cheese popcorn I eat the kernels first, putting the soft part in a cup until I have a full cup to eat and then I eat that. 
6.  best gift you've ever received?
A picture that use to hang in my grandmothers house. After she died someone in the family was going to throw it out and my sister rescued it for me. 
7.  favorite store to shop at for clothes?  not that i need any more to look at...
I just discovered H&M and I've wondered how did I manage to go so long without it. Also it seems most of my work clothes have come from New York & Company. 
8.  website (not personal blog or social media) you check daily?  surisburnbook.tumblr.com, http://catalogliving.net/, http://www.cakewrecks.com/
9.  food you could never give up on a diet
Philly Cheese-steak and Dr. Pepper

10. alcoholic cupcake flavor you'd like to see from me in the future?  (yeah i went there) something with jager I <3 jager


The great cat rescue part 2

Tuesday morning came around and Tiger was still in the tree. His meows were strong and he was wiggling around on the branch. As I backed my car out of the driveway he glared at me as if to say "uh mom I'm still in this tree."

Greg was on the phone all day trying to find someone to climb the tree to get him. Someone from the electric company volunteered to come climb the tree. How super awesome is the Licking Valley RECC!!! I was sending messages to people trying to get anyone I could to help. Heath volunteered to try to get him down, but by the time he came Tiger was gone and we had no idea where he was now. We walked up and down the hillside (the road isn't called ridge view court for nothing.) I didn't hear any meowing and was pretty freaked out worrying about him

A few hours later Greg looked outside and here come Tiger limping across the yard. He stopped to steal some food from a stunned Westley before he came inside and got swarmed with love from the other cats. I know he needed rest but I was so happy to have tiger home that I couldn't put him down.
Poor little sweetie when he first came home.
Emmy's bed became the best spot to nap in.
I just couldn't put the little furball down.
I thing we are in agreement that he is not to be climbing anymore trees. The only tree he is allowed to climb is this one.
Lets hope he doesn't get stuck in this one too.

Cat rescue part 1

My cat is stuck in a tree. He's been there since Saturday night. Anyone know how to get a cat down....and don't say fire department because they said they don't do that.

The girls had friends come over on Friday and I guess they were louder than the boy cats wanted. After 30 minutes of looking at them do this.
I let them out. Saturday night I heard meowing and went outside   to look around. Abbey spotted Tiger (The orange cat) in a tree. Sunday we tried coaxing him out. With no luck. Today some friends came over and tried a few things. That actually made him go higher. Here are scenes from the cat rescue attempts.
Can you spot the cat in the tree? I tried to add an arrow but Photobucket is being a pain. 
Trying to make a ramp....or as I call it a cat walk
Katniss said just leave Tiger in the tree because you have me.
So we are stuck with cat in the tree for another night. I'll keep you posted


My new super power

I went to the OBGYN yesterday. I should have known it was going to be an interesting visit when my form asked my sex. Or maybe I misunderstood and they were asking if I wanted sex.

Anyway....I had a hysterectomy almost 6 years ago for cysts and a prolapsed uterus. About a month ago I started have pain on my left side where my ovary is/was. I tell this to the dr today, who I might add is not the dr that did my surgery. He does a pelvic exam and tells me he feels a normal ovary with no masses on it. Then feels the right side and says hmm....I feel one over here too. I said nope one was removed. Then I get THAT look the one that says what the hell do you know, and he said honey, you know we can remove cysts without removing the ovary. I said yes I am aware of that and I am aware that one of my ovaries was removed. He sends off for my records and comes back in and says well....Your left ovary was removed. Maybe you are feeling diverticulitis (inflammation on the colon) or a kidney stone. Sorry but no kidney stone I've ever heard of lasts for months and is only a mild ache, and with diverticulitis you have a fever. That still doesn't explain why he felt an ovary, and why was he not interested in doing an ultrasound and looking at it? Heck I wanna see what it is.

So the only logical explanation is when I got bit by a tick and got Lyme disease a few years ago it was a radio active tick, and in addition to Lyme I got super organ regenerating powers. If you see news reports of a girl wearing all black and swinging from building rescuing people from evil villains, its just me.

A friend of mine on facebook pointed out that I should not say OBGYN because it makes them think I need the OB part. I was just trying to give the dr credit for all he can do. No OB for me.

A side rant on my visit. He asked how many sexual partners I've had. Personally I don't think its any of his damn business. I realize his job is my reproductive health. But as long as I am conscience of STD's and stuff why does it matter? I didn't ask him how many different child care centers he has put his child in. 


Yup its a Monday

 Picture this.....

I woke up at 5:00 so I could drive the 2 hours to my works main office for meetings (actually the meetings were great! I have wonderful coworkers and a fantastic boss) and my hair looked good.
Ok I'm sure you are wondering how having a good hair day is hell.....and it isn't...but

On the way to the office I stopped for hot chocolate and burned my throat. I had no clue it was that hot! So that sucked. On the way home my coworker who I road with stopped and let me get my car. I picked up food and headed to get my girls. Wouldn't you know I get a flat. Actually I knew my tires were crap and had already ordered new tires that will hopefully me in tomorrow. I have never changed a tire in my life! Thankfully my friend Kim's husband came to help me.
and they were nice enough to loan me their car so I could make it home without worrying about my other 3 tires. While we were working on the tire two little yorkies were excited and wanting to come check us out when they started across the road one got hit my a car and died. The other was terrified and ran back home. It has broken my heart. I feel like its my fault even though I didn't hit it.

 I am hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Sunday Social

I'm slowly getting back into the blogging habit. As my sister pointed out, I need to set daily writing goals....well my goal of late has been just to write something. If you knew my sister and myself in real life you would laugh that she would be giving me organization tips. She is the procrastinator that just wings everything. I'm the type A gotta be organized and plan everything down to what clothes I'll wear to work a month at a time. haha I should be a fashion blogger. Is there a place in the blogging world for a serious bargain shopper?

Anyway, I'm linking up with Neely for Sunday Social

Sunday Social 
      5 songs you’ll listen to the rest of your life:
Enter Sandman Metallica
Don’t wanna miss a thing Aerosmith
Far Away nickelback
3am matchbox 20
Keeping your poop in a jar Hayseed Dixie (You know you wanna google this)

  5 things on your bucket list:
Visit New Orleans
Sky Dive
Visit Ireland
See my girlies happy and grown
Pay off my student loans (feel free to contribute to the cause)
 5 celebs you’d love to hang out with for a day:
Lars Ulrich
Will Smith
Ben and Jennifer Affleck
Stacy London
Greg Louganis

5 things you always carry on your purse:
Carmex lip balm
Business cards

 5 books on your reading list:
Super parenting for ADD Edward M. Hallowell,
The Dyslexia Advantage by Brock L. Eide, M.D., M.A., Fernette F. Eide
The Power Trip Jackie Collins
Who am I kidding I am lucky to get a magazine read these days

6. Share the last 5 pictures on your phone
  •  I found Spring
  • If You have ever heard the comedian Greg Warren you understand the humor in the work hard play hard shirt
  • Steak and loaded baked potato yummy way to spend a Saturday
  • I dressed the owls up in the girls room. 
  • French fries that boost your mood.

Style me Sassy

Steph at Bourbon and Glitter did a style quiz and I couldn't resist I had to jump on the band wagon. I just moved and suddenly I hate everything I own and want all new. What is it about a move that will do that to you? I thought this is a perfect time to see what style fits me. and the verdict is.....
I am sassy

"Sassy is just that! She couldn't be short on personality if she tried. She expresses herself with playful colors, fun patterns, and an unabashed boldness—all acquired at very savvy prices. She knows her style, and she's not afraid to take risks and have fun. When you visit a Sassy friend, you can't help but smile." How to style Sassy "Start with a crisp, white room, and add bright colors and bold patterns. Try a large graphic rug paired with a starburst mirror to sass it up."

with a touch of boho

"Boho isn't just carefree. She's adventurous and passionate, loving color and new and unusual uses for things. She's into the Revamp, Reuse, and Recycle, and she can't get enough of foraging for a good deal while mixing and matching silk-and-knit textures and vibrant colors anywhere she can." How to style boho. "Build around that great piece you already love with layers of color, like mustards and oranges, and accessories that embody your spirited personality."

Ummmm if you know me you know Id die if I was forced to live anywhere with white walls. Either that or every square inch would have to be covered with colorful art. I just can't handle white walls. I think this makes my style look colorful and tacky. Honestly though, Boho is probably a little more me. If I ever get unpacked, I'll invite you over for jager and music and you can see what I've done with the place. At the moment I don't want to scare you with the hat box border in the bedroom. 

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