Valentines Day....bah humbug!

The girls and I haven't completely moved yet but we are spending most of our nights at the new place. Which in case I forgot to mention is 30 miles farther away from work/school that the old place. But the new place has Greg and room for the animals so that kinda makes up for the fact that we have to get up so much earlier to make it to school.

This morning we came up on an accident. A car tried to pass a school bus loading kids and hit one of Abbey's friends. He was air lifted to UK hospital stable but his leg his hurt pretty bad. The news reports are that charges on pending on the guy that hit him. WTF are people thinking. Don't pass a stopped school bus is like rule #1 in driving.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this or not but I HATE Valentines Day. I haven't had a good one that I can remember. For all the years I was married (to husband 1) I would try to get him to go out with me. It usually ended with him saying where do you want to eat? Id say how about (insert name here) He'd say he didn't feel like that and for me to decide and then he'd say well its too late to get a table anywhere now. Our last Valentines Day we went to the movies and he complained about the movie. My second husband (only lasted 8 months) Waited until 8:00 on Valentines Day to even mention it. That is after I told him about a patient of mine (I was working Home health at the time) telling me that no one loved me because I didn't get flowers or candy or a card. Id have been happy with Happy Valentines Day. Last year was the first Valentines Day that Greg and I were officially together and I got nothing. He said he thought we were celebrating it later since I had the girls that night. I left his present when I left to go to work. So here I am dreading tomorrow. I just can't wait until the stupid holiday is over. There is just too much pressure, and it makes me sad.

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  1. Yep. It's a lame holiday. Maybe new house = new traditions and Greg will do something sweet.
    So ridiculous about hitting that child, of course the bus is stopped for the reason of letting kids on and off!! I hope that boy is ok :(


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