Showering you with pics

Just to show you I really have been busy and not avoiding you I have lots of pics to share, and lots of news.
  • Abbey got the Flu (Twice)
  • I grew a mustache.....I mean got my hair cut
  • Unpacked some of my purses
  • Another of my hair cut
  • I organized a fundraiser for the middle school PTO (sorted and bagged 102 shirts)
  • Hung out with my peeps
  • I moved....You can view some of my crap all piled up
  • I broke the rod in my closet because my clothes are fat
  • We got all the kitties socialized 
  • Katniss really likes Sam's litter box she wasn't using it she just likes to lay in it
  • I had great Frozen Yogurt. Mmmmmmm Chickabiddy's
  • Sam and Tiger buried the hatchet and decided to be friends
  • Jeff is a guy who plays music with Greg, They haven't played in so long the drum throne has dust.
  • Ok it may be TMI but Tiger was trying to have sex with Katniss......only problem Tiger is fixed. The look on Katniss is ummm are you sure its in..
  • My packing progressed from labels that were helpful in their description "Cheerleading Uniforms,  to un helpful "random shit" but no mattter what at least the pot and scale were packed together
  • Not sure if you knew this or not but moving is a party day and deserves a hat, shades and bling
  • I have decided that Emmy has waaaay too many Barbies
  • In the end though I came up with a storage solution that let me hang Greg's ties and my scarves together...HINT It two small cafe curtain rods in the corner of the closet. Total cost 97 cents.

and for being so completely patient with me and not abandoning me I will leave you with one more pic.

Tiger and Katniss aren't they the snuggliest babies ever!!!

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