Age is just a number

Have you ever had a best friend that you couldn't imagine life without....until life happens and then you slowly realize you have NOTHING in common with them anymore, that your paths have taken you in different directions?

That was me. In high school we were inseparable our freshmen year. Then she slowly stopped coming to school. By our Senior year she had quit. I went to college. She stayed behind and worked odd jobs. I got married, had kids, got jobs and moved around a little. Thanks to the power of facebook I connected with old friends. When we became fb friends I noticed something weird. She still wanted to date guys in their late teens early 20's. Ok I understand the whole cougar thing.....but then it gets strange. She is living in a world where she tells EVERYONE she meets that she is 23. She is 7 months older than me and I am not ashamed to say I am about to turn 37.

She gets bent out of shape if someone suggests that she was born before mid 80's. Bent out of shape like name calling and deleting and blocking people. At first I could laugh about her saying she was 23. The more I think about this the more I felt guilty. Obviously there is a problem or hang up beyond the normal I don't want to get old. I worry about the day when she HAS to be older than her 20's. I know I've aged well. I know I don't act my age. But I would still rather someone look at me and say wow you look great for your age than wow you look a decade older than you are.

I have spoken to my kids about this. I tell them when you are young you want to be older and when you are older you want to be younger, but never lose sight of who you really are because that is what matters. Age really is just a number, you really are only as young as you feel. But, be authentic in who you are. Always. Getting older is not bad, its actually been fun.


  1. I may like some things that most people would associate with teenagers (coughTumblrcough), but I have no problem admitting that I'm in my thirties. Age is only a number of course, but her lying about it definitely sounds like there's a problem.

  2. doesn't she know that 30s are the new 20s? :D

  3. I understand wanting to stay young and enjoy that feeling, but that is a whole other level of odd. It's just too much.


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