The games we play

* I want to preface this by saying sorry I had to add a captcha to my comment area. I have been getting spammy comments that annoy me.

Now on to the good stuff. Abbey has had the flu. While normally that sucks (and I'm sure she things it does) We have spent quiet a bit of time together. She has read me every funny pic on her fb and I have tortured her by asking what she wants to keep and throw away as the packing process continues.

While procrastinating on pinterest (and we had a lengthy conversation on how to pronounce this lol) I stumbled upon this.
I asked Abbey if she remembered this game we played when she was little. Id sit her on the couch with me and say there are crocodiles in the floor we have to stay on the couch or the crocodiles will get us.....and she would toss throw pillows in the floor to get around because crocodiles were scared of throw pillows. Some days I wish I could go back to those days.....and not just because I could sleep in then.

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  1. Ugh. I hope Abbey is feeling better! Glad she has someone like you to take care of her. :)


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