Smart phone/Dumb owner

I've realized I am too dumb to have a smart phone. I had to google how to do a screen shot....then got excited when I realized my ipod that I've had for 4 years could also do screenshots....and the computer can too. See I told you....too dumb to have a smart phone. Apparently my sister and daughter knew both of these things and never bothered to share the information.

(for the record)  ALT print screen to do a screen pic of your computer and home button and button on top of iphone for the iphone screen print.

I've decided I need a crash course in iphone usage. Whats your favorite apps and/or fun thing to use your phone for?


  1. Haha! I feel like I'm pretty terrible with my phone too (although, I do know the screen shot technique) I'm sure it can do a million more things that I've never tried though!

  2. Grab the Evernote app! I love it for keeping everything I need to do and my grocery lists :)


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