I finally joined the land of iphone users. After 4 years of demanding that my ipod touch was good enough for me I finally broke down. The ipod arrived today and I'm still trying to get use to it. I had promised Abbey my upgrade but stupid me didn't realize the iphone doesn't use a sim like our old phones and I couldn't just give her the iphone when it came in. Since her last upgrade was used by me....I told her I would buy her a new phone. She took it really well. 

Since I have an iphone now I had to see what all the instagram fuss is about....so follow me hollysgrass. I nearly died that hollygrass was taken. I had no idea there was another me out there. Hollysheree was also taken. I'm feeling a lot less unique today.

Victoria Secret is having their semi annual sale.....I {heart} this time of year. I was measured by the sales girl, I have mixed feelings about my discovery. Finding a bra in a size to fit is going to be seriously hard.

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