High Five For Friday

Yippee its Friday!!!! Here is my week.

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1. Abbey got word that she did make All District Band (as a 7th grader woooohoo) She was 2nd chair Timpani and they only take 1 so she had to wait until the boy who beat her dropped out. Sad he couldn't go, but super happy gets to now. She was sad when all her marching band friends made it and she didn't. (Ok waaay too many uses of the word sad) You'd never believe by my writing that I was an English major in a past life.
2. I actually have 2 partial blog posts done. You may get something regular from me by Monday.

3. Had my goal setting meeting with my boss yesterday. I am excited about my goals for the next 6 months. I love my job soooo much.

4. Both girls got their report cards. Abbey had 2 100%'s and 3 B's. That is actually slipping for her. Em has had so much progress since we got the dyslexia diagnosis. I am so happy that we know the problem. I was not happy about the note attached to the report card that said she had MAP and DIBLES testing and was below grade level (which we know) and that its a possibility that she will be held back. We are working on getting her IEP set up, she is getting dyslexia specific tutoring outside of school. I talked to her specialist and she reminded me that 1. Its ultimately my decision if she is held back 2. Its still early in her tutoring and the school year to decide that now 3. If the teaching methods didn't work for her the 1st time around why would it work the second. That made me feel better. Em came back to me from her dad's last night and we telling me all about learning multiplication and this cool way they do it (its little sayings) She was so excited and said how much she loved it. She appears to do better with this than she does with addition and subtraction. I think its because there are facts that she can learn and it helps her remember. That's the kind of tools she needs. Its great that it gives her a confidence boost. Especially since reading is still so hard.

(don't tell her I showed you this pic) 

5. Greg asked me and the girls to have pics made with him today. 

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  1. Found you through H54F.

    Congrats to your girls! You must be so proud!


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