I have some pretty HUGE changes going on with my life right now. It must be trickling over to the blog. Because I am increasingly feeling more and more dissatisfied with it and feel some changes are in the future.

I am doing the giant task of cleaning, sorting and decluttering my ENTIRE house. I'm moving. I have a goal date of March 1 but Greg will be out of town for most of two weeks and wouldn't you know it the weekends are included in that. Since I need his truck and his muscle I don't know that I will meet my goal. I have managed to mostly sort my junk room. I've sorted my bathroom and closet. It feels like I am trying to swim upstream. Its such a slow process.

I have already dropped off 3 car loads of stuff to goodwill and I have at least another car load. It feels nice to purge stuff I know I won't use and know that I won't have to pack it and move it and then store it.

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  1. I definitely know that feeling. I cleared out so much of my closet, it feels great. Dreading tackling my kitchen though...
    Excited for your blog changes :)


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