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* I want to preface this by saying sorry I had to add a captcha to my comment area. I have been getting spammy comments that annoy me.

Now on to the good stuff. Abbey has had the flu. While normally that sucks (and I'm sure she things it does) We have spent quiet a bit of time together. She has read me every funny pic on her fb and I have tortured her by asking what she wants to keep and throw away as the packing process continues.

While procrastinating on pinterest (and we had a lengthy conversation on how to pronounce this lol) I stumbled upon this.
I asked Abbey if she remembered this game we played when she was little. Id sit her on the couch with me and say there are crocodiles in the floor we have to stay on the couch or the crocodiles will get us.....and she would toss throw pillows in the floor to get around because crocodiles were scared of throw pillows. Some days I wish I could go back to those days.....and not just because I could sleep in then.


I have some pretty HUGE changes going on with my life right now. It must be trickling over to the blog. Because I am increasingly feeling more and more dissatisfied with it and feel some changes are in the future.

I am doing the giant task of cleaning, sorting and decluttering my ENTIRE house. I'm moving. I have a goal date of March 1 but Greg will be out of town for most of two weeks and wouldn't you know it the weekends are included in that. Since I need his truck and his muscle I don't know that I will meet my goal. I have managed to mostly sort my junk room. I've sorted my bathroom and closet. It feels like I am trying to swim upstream. Its such a slow process.

I have already dropped off 3 car loads of stuff to goodwill and I have at least another car load. It feels nice to purge stuff I know I won't use and know that I won't have to pack it and move it and then store it.

Do you Remember Me?

Have you ever had a week where you realize you talk and talk and talk and no one listens or even remembers who you are?

During the course of a week I realized some people I interact with for have forgotten everything in the 20 million letters and emails I have sent over the last 6 months explaining who I am, my role, and the changes with the grant/agency they have been use to. Not to mention the licensing changes but that is a different story all together.

After the 3rd time I was referred to as "The NEW Melissa" I had a break down. For one thing our jobs are different. Our titles are different. We are different. But again that is a completely different post. I whined and moaned on the shoulder of a friend who told me this.

"Because whenever dealing with a person or organization they have no direct felt emotional connection to, people classify each other in purely functional terms.
You are not Holly to most of these people, just as Melissa was not Melissa.  Your names are just shorthand for the role you fill in their daily routines- that of a point of contact.  If someone comes along and fills that role after you, they will be "the new Holly."  Likewise (omitted for privacy) is just a label for a function, as is (omitted for privacy)  as is every other entity they deal with.  The nametags don't matter- only what assistance or information they need to get, in order to get on with the day and go home.
This is more or less universal for the majority of people's business interactions.  When your license expires, you don't go to Latonya, the older African-American lady who just became a grandmother two months ago and who happens to work a desk job that most people would find boring but that she's secretly content with.  You go to the DMV.  Likewise, the DMV only really exists as "that place you go to get a driver's license."
Everyone does this.  There is not time enough in the day or room enough in the head to genuinely give a damn about everyone.  It's just that we only notice it in others: most often when we want to have our own effort and good work noticed and appreciated, and the world does not reciprocate."

See this is where I am odd, I guess. Because when I go to the DMV I go through Peggy's line. Because she takes pics of me so good I've used them on Facebook. If I could get her to follow me around with the DMV camera and snap away Id be happy. 
See what I mean? She is TALENTED 

When I shop at Walmart I go through Sam's line Or Melinda. Heck I have had my favorite cashiers ask where I have been if its been awhile since they have seen me....When I lived in a different city, I lived across the street from Walmart and a cashier came to my house and checked on me after I went away for Thanksgiving because she hadn't seen me. 

When I go to Bdubs I like that Grace asks me if I want Dr. Pepper or a Water. 

When I go to pay my car taxes I like Melissa and always ask how her daughter is doing because she had cancer not to long ago and I worry about her. 

If its true that there is no time to give a damn about everyone then I must be odder than I thought, because I carry on a conversation with everyone.....Beware if we are ever in an elevator together. 

I may cut you off in traffic and flip you off while screaming obscenities...but if we happen to be standing in line together I will start talking. I may even add you to facebook and send you and your family Christmas cards. 


High Five For Friday

Yippee its Friday!!!! Here is my week.

Linking up with Lauren @ From my Grey Desk

1. Abbey got word that she did make All District Band (as a 7th grader woooohoo) She was 2nd chair Timpani and they only take 1 so she had to wait until the boy who beat her dropped out. Sad he couldn't go, but super happy gets to now. She was sad when all her marching band friends made it and she didn't. (Ok waaay too many uses of the word sad) You'd never believe by my writing that I was an English major in a past life.
2. I actually have 2 partial blog posts done. You may get something regular from me by Monday.

3. Had my goal setting meeting with my boss yesterday. I am excited about my goals for the next 6 months. I love my job soooo much.

4. Both girls got their report cards. Abbey had 2 100%'s and 3 B's. That is actually slipping for her. Em has had so much progress since we got the dyslexia diagnosis. I am so happy that we know the problem. I was not happy about the note attached to the report card that said she had MAP and DIBLES testing and was below grade level (which we know) and that its a possibility that she will be held back. We are working on getting her IEP set up, she is getting dyslexia specific tutoring outside of school. I talked to her specialist and she reminded me that 1. Its ultimately my decision if she is held back 2. Its still early in her tutoring and the school year to decide that now 3. If the teaching methods didn't work for her the 1st time around why would it work the second. That made me feel better. Em came back to me from her dad's last night and we telling me all about learning multiplication and this cool way they do it (its little sayings) She was so excited and said how much she loved it. She appears to do better with this than she does with addition and subtraction. I think its because there are facts that she can learn and it helps her remember. That's the kind of tools she needs. Its great that it gives her a confidence boost. Especially since reading is still so hard.

(don't tell her I showed you this pic) 

5. Greg asked me and the girls to have pics made with him today. 


Smart phone/Dumb owner

I've realized I am too dumb to have a smart phone. I had to google how to do a screen shot....then got excited when I realized my ipod that I've had for 4 years could also do screenshots....and the computer can too. See I told you....too dumb to have a smart phone. Apparently my sister and daughter knew both of these things and never bothered to share the information.

(for the record)  ALT print screen to do a screen pic of your computer and home button and button on top of iphone for the iphone screen print.

I've decided I need a crash course in iphone usage. Whats your favorite apps and/or fun thing to use your phone for?


I finally joined the land of iphone users. After 4 years of demanding that my ipod touch was good enough for me I finally broke down. The ipod arrived today and I'm still trying to get use to it. I had promised Abbey my upgrade but stupid me didn't realize the iphone doesn't use a sim like our old phones and I couldn't just give her the iphone when it came in. Since her last upgrade was used by me....I told her I would buy her a new phone. She took it really well. 

Since I have an iphone now I had to see what all the instagram fuss is follow me hollysgrass. I nearly died that hollygrass was taken. I had no idea there was another me out there. Hollysheree was also taken. I'm feeling a lot less unique today.

Victoria Secret is having their semi annual sale.....I {heart} this time of year. I was measured by the sales girl, I have mixed feelings about my discovery. Finding a bra in a size to fit is going to be seriously hard.


Let me set the stage.....

First day back at the office after a lovely 11 days off. First thing I noticed when I came in... my computer wouldn't turn on. I called the IT guy who is 2 1/2 hours away (I work in a field office) We did some troubleshooting and the verdict is, IT'S DEAD!!! Actually probably just a power supply, but that doesn't help me since I have my end of the month paperwork due next week and I can't get to my files.

IT guy asks about my work laptop which I have never actually used, to keep with the theme of the day, I get the blue screen of death about every 20 minutes. Needless to say paperwork didn't get worked on, and I spent a god portion of the day screaming at the screen.

Yeah this was me today :)

Hope the start of your new year was as awesome as mine :)
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