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Well its a new year, new beginnings and around here a new layout and name. So its only fitting that I leave  you with my resolutions for 2014

Here's to hope these are resolutions I can actual keep.

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Looking Back

 I'm still feeling hungover (figuratively) from the holidays. I've had a glorious 9 days off from work and I have enjoyed my lazy time, but I am looking forward to having a routine again. As you can see I didn't quiet get the blog changed over to the new name/look but I'm hoping it will all be in place soon.

This weekend I helped my sister move stuff from my dads house. While there I stumbled upon my senior memory book. Its funny to look back on that (especially with a class reunion coming up) and laugh. I was dating a guy several years older than me and according to my memory book I just knew were were going to get married and live happily ever after. That guy is currently married to the mother of a classmate of Abbey. We are both PTO members (pretty awkward). I was going through a phase where I spelled my name Holley (I have no idea why) I was also apparently having a flirty pen pal relationship with the local Air Force recruiter. I'm glad life didn't work out the way 18 year old Holl(e)y wanted it too. I'm excited for 2014 and hopefully I will get use to writing 14 on my checks before June.

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Endings and beginnings

I hate endings. End of years, movies, books, endings of relationships. I just really hate endings. I am trying to be positive about the end of this year. I'm trying to focus my energy on new possibilities and new adventures. If all goes well I am debuting a new name (Everyday's a Hollyday) and layout tomorrow. Monday if all doesn't go well.

Kelli at She Crab Soup has an awesome series called Be a Better Blog she totally inspired me with having a mission statement. Inspired seems to be the key word. It is a word I can't seem to shake. Here is my mission statement for this year.

So for 2014 I hope  to inspire you.

How Duck Dynasty ruined my Christmas

.....and possibly my relationship.

After the Marriage #2 Christmas Fiasco the girls were leery of going to anyone's house for the holidays. Honestly I was too. But Greg and I have been together for 4 years and I've never done Christmas with his family. They have always been super awesome to us so I thought it would be fine. But there is nothing like the holidays to bring the worst out of people.

Let me set the stage We get there on Monday, His brother and he rant about the Duck Dynasty crap (pro Phil) Now keep in mind I JUST had a blog post about how sick I was of the DD shit. Had I known that I could become yet again even more tired of  I said that on Monday. The subject was dropped. Flash forward to Tuesday.We made it through Christmas Eve present open frenzy. It was fun.

We then go from his moms house to his brothers house. They start drinking and the stupid topic of DD comes up AGAIN!! I listen to it for about 15 min. They are literally screaming at each other, while agreeing on what they were saying. The girls were looking at me like WTF really?!? Sober Holly just could not take anymore and said rather loud (I admit) can we PLEASE talk about something else? I am so sick of this subject. His brother said Its my house and we'll talk about whatever I want you don't have to listen to it. I argued back (yeah rule #1 don't argue with drunks) That I didn't have to stay, that I could easily go back home. They looked at me shocked. He said I was shallow for not putting up with a subject I was (completely) sick of hearing. I did say I would leave Greg to find a way home. (but honestly its because I didn't want to ask him to chose. I knew where that would go) turns out but not asking him to chose and just letting him stay was ALSO a bad idea. Now they are incredulous that I would dare leave him. That's when his brother said Greg loves me more than anything and I am always so awful to him, that I am mean and belittle him and am always a hateful and selfish person. (So nice to hear what people REALLY think of me) I thankfully was sober and stopped arguing back. He stormed off to bed and I tucked the girls in, at this point we were more than ready to head home. The next day packed up and left I didn't speak to his brother and his brother didn't speak to me.

I'm sure the dudes are sitting at there place in NOLA all smug at the uproar they've caused. I am all for peoples freedoms and that includes the freedom to have sex with whoever you want. I am just not excited about people's freedom when it directly effects my life. So with all due respect these people need to go away.

So here is the question of the day. How should I move forward with this?

In memory of Buddha Man

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen a link I posted.

A guy my sister went to high school with started a campaign to get Gwar to play the 2015 Super Bowl. He was about 400 signatures shy of his goal when he died. His funeral is today. He was a great guy, always had something funny to say. He will absolutely be missed. I want to ask you all to click this link and sign the petition. I know that Buddha is gone and won't know if Gwar plays or not, but I would love for them to play, not because I like them, but because I want Buddha's dream to become reality. If you want to make a donation to the American Heart Association please do so in Buddha's memory. Here is a link. If you would like to read the article you can find it here.


It's the day I've dreamed about all week. Especially since this week has crawled by. Why is it that when you know you have a chunk of vacation time coming the days leading up to the time off is so slow. Plus me and a real estate agent are the ONLY people in this entire office building.

Without further delay here are my fave things from the week.

1. Greg had his Christmas concert last night. I was formally introduced to Correy (Abbey's boyfriends dad) I responded with have you met my son yet while pointing at Correy. He laughed. I was kinda serious. The concert went better than I anticipated. I still miss his old assistant (and the assistants wife) Its lonely in the bleachers.
This is the 6th grade band they are about 1/4 the size they use to be....sooo sad

2. I am officially done shopping AND wrapping, I may have picked myself up a few things. Like an emerald necklace and a pink tote, and new Jen Lancaster books. The UPS guy said he loves delivering to me because I am always so excited. I can't help it. I love getting packages even if it is packages of things I bought myself.

I was torn between the two but Pink won out.
It has a cute black and white polkadot lining.

3. I ran into the owner of a house I have been wanting to buy. She said it is going off the market on Jan. 8. After talking to the girls they are against buying it because they think being in the same subdivision as their dad would cause issues. I'm thinking yeah like exchange days would mean they walk between the houses. Its a WIN/WIN to me.

4. Its not really a fave but it is ironic. I was JUST thinking about how sick I am of seeing Duck Dynasty crap everywhere I look. I swear these people are the biggest marketing whores I've ever seen. There is literally Duck Dynasty nail polish, and beef jerky. I started to take a picture of all the DD shit as I was shopping but I got tired after the 40th product. Then what should happen but this whole he said WHAT!?! scandal. I am hiding my head under the covers until its all over. I really thought I was sick of it before. I had no idea what it could have been.
Seriously who would use this?
People actually eat off this? That's just icky to me.
5. I have all next week off!!! I am pretty sure I am taking Christmas Eve and Day off from blogging. Have a great weekend and I'll see you bright and early next Monday.

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DIY Gone Wrong (also known as why Holly shouldn't make presents)

I wanted to announce that I did in fact win the Megamillions. Sadly, it was just $3.00. Which I spent on my coworker. So, now you are on your own for finding New Years entertainment. Unless you want to travel to Kentucky. In that case I will totally meet up with you.  Since I'm already bummed about not having 600 million burning a hole through my pocket, lets talk about something else I am bummed about. The fact that Pinterest is a big fat liar when it comes to crafting cool Christmas gifts.

I love doing crafts. I am also lazy. Those can some times be a recipe for disaster. Especially when you throw in a healthy dose of I sometimes lack attention to detail.

I had grand plans to make all of my drinking friends their own monogrammed shot glass. Practical and Pretty. I bought the glasses, and knocked an old lady down at Michael's for the last bottle of glass etching cream (not really YES really) I read the directions, I even printed out stencils on sticker paper (a special trip to staples) with everyone's initial. I was psyched. I just KNEW it was going to turn out like this.
Instead they looked like this
This is actually the best one. Sad I know :(

I'm thinking they turned out so awful because the glass was curved and I didn't make sure all  the edges were flat (see lack of attention to detail) I could have also left the cream on longer but I was afraid of it damaging the glass (that was a dumb worry). I'm hoping after several shots they will forget that their glass looks like it was made by a kindergarten class. Maybe I should add a mini shot bottle for good measure.

I've learned my lesson this year. I should absolutely have a backup plan for homemade gifts.

If I won the Mega Millions

As I'm typing this I am about to purchase my MEGAMILLIONS lotto ticket. The jackpot is 600 million. I don't know about you but that's a nice chunk of pocket change to me. I've wasted hours daydreaming about what I would do with that much money. I'm sure that while you are reading this, I have NOT won the millions, but if I had....Here's my top 10 list. Some are sweet some are fun but its all stuff I'd blow my new found cash on.

1. Bring Poop and Alien Abduction Probes back to the US. Not sure what I am talking about? I am a HUGE fan of the band Hayseed Dixie. They started doing covers of AC/DC but their original stuff is AMAZING!!! I've seen them in concert 3 times once driving 5 hours (one way). I'd see them monthly if only they didn't up and move across the pond. It breaks my heart. So first order of business is to bankroll  them a year long tour of the US

2. Take the girls on a tour of the world. Just not the same time Hayseed is touring the US.

3. Donate money to the company I work for. We do great things with the funding we have, but it would be nice to not have to worry about fundraising. When we had an all staff meeting in October, we broke off into groups and my group started talking about why we/how we came to work for the company. It was the same story for all of us. We worked for some pretty crappy places and needed a change. We wanted to feel valued and feel like we were making a difference. Its lived up to those standards and more. I want to give back to them and allow the company to do even bigger and better things within Early Childhood. Its such an overlooked field and yet I tell everyone that attends my trainings, its the most important. If we give children a solid foundation to build on they can do bigger and better things in the future. Want to cry? Watch this video.

4. Friends and Family Fund. Here's the thing. I have no problem in handing out fat checks to people I love and care for. People who are there for me, listen to me, and genuinely care for me. I don't care if we went to 2nd grade together and I told you that I liked your skirt. Unless you are present and active in my life don't bother asking for money. I'm sure cousins, aunts, uncles, and best friends I never knew I had will come crawling out of the wood work. Sorry about their luck. I already have a list of friends and family that I will be making a bank deposit for. I'm sure some family will be shocked about this. 

5. The typical junk like a new car for everyday of the week and of course a XLARGE Victorian house. I don't know why but I have always thought they were the most gorgeous homes EVER. 

6. HUGE ASS PARTY!!! With New Years coming up its just begging for a party and of course all of you are invited. I will have a plane pick everyone up. 

7. Learn to drive a race car. I figure if Danica can attempt it I can too. Of course I would only want to do it if I could be on the Stewart Haas Race team (You cringing yet Stephanie?) I just can't help myself, Tony Stewart makes me swoon. I just want to rub that stubbly cheek. I'd add convince Tony Stewart to marry me, but I have a feeling he and Greg have the same feelings toward marriage.
8. Set up a few scholarships, and tutoring sites, and lobby to have changes with how dyslexia is treated by the school system. No child should ever have to go through what Em has with her previous teachers. I still want to punch her 2nd grade teacher in the face. (If you are reading this Ms. Spencer you are still a piece of shit teacher and I still feel sorry for every child forced to have you as a teacher. If you would like to know how to really teach children walk downstairs and see how Ms. Callis does it. That woman has been a life saver repairing the damage you caused. You are the reason I think having a tenure system is a bad idea). Yeah I know that sounds harsh but really she is a nightmare of a teacher. I understand getting somewhat complacent in your old age but shit she is not just complacent she is soul crushing.

9. Take care of the Animals of the world. Specifically the Shih Tzu and kitty variety. Heather and I have wanted to start the "Princess Buttercup home for wayward Shih Tzu's" for ages now. Winning the lottery would allow that to happen. Not sure what we would call the cat rescue aspect. I have such a soft spot for animals. I can't bare to see one hurt or alone. My sweeties give me so much joy, everyone should have that in their lives.

10. Lets be practical for a minute. If I'm running through this money like it is water, I should probably set myself up for the future. Its not fun, but neither is dying broke after you've taken care of the world either.


The stockings were hung

The holidays are crazy around here. I may have mentioned I have a non standard custody/visitation with my ex husband. We agreed on shared custody with no primary. That means we have them an equal amount of time and we both can make decisions on what is best for them. I'll go into more detail on that another time. I just want you to realize that because of our arrangement we don't really have a routine for the holidays. We alternate who gets the girls for what. That means we can't necessarily have a tradition of jammies and cocoa before bed on Christmas Eve and open presents Christmas Day kind of tradition, because they aren't in the same place every year.

We need to make traditions where we can and make what traditions we have count. It really is the little things sometimes. We have a tradition of putting the Christmas tree up together. They help until they lose interest. But they always want to put their hallmark 1st Christmas series ornaments up no matter what.

Aside from that we have a tradition of hanging stockings. The stocking go up when the tree does and they stay empty until time to open presents. We each get stuff in our stockings. We try to include novelty items that aren't common. I love shopping for the stocking. I buy stuff throughout the year and keep it hidden until the big reveal. I won't share Abbey's stocking because she occasionally reads the blog, but I'll share Emmy's. I found bear shaped lip gloss, some finger puppet stickers, and garbage pail kid cards. I'll also toss in some candy and small pieces of jewelry.

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That's a wrap

I kicked Greg out this weekend.

No not forever just for the day. The girls were at their dad's and Greg took some kids to audition for All-State concert band (yes my adopted son, Correy went too). With the house to myself I went back and forth on what to do all day. I almost painted the bathroom. Its on my 101 list, and the bathroom is small so I thought I could knock it out in a few hours. But I really needed to wrap some presents. They were scattered through out the house and even though the girls don't believe in Santa and it wouldn't be a big deal if they spied some of their gifts, I did want some things to be a surprise.

Back when I was newly married I was wrapping presents at my in-laws house and my sister in law laughed at my wrapping skills.  I really hate wrapping, but I don't like how gift bags alone look under the tree. I also don't like how fast gift bags make the present opening experience go. Over the years I learned some tips for disguising my sub par wrapping, because no matter how much I practice I still can't get Martha Stewart quality corners.

Start with a theme. I love taking presents to my mom's or Greg's family and having everyone know which presents are from me because they are the same color palate. Some years I do something different for each group of people I have gifts for.

This year I chose the color scheme Red, Black and White. My goal was elegant and sparkly.
I started with a White and Black damask print paper that I found at Hobby Lobby. They almost always have their Christmas stuff on sale so I got the roll for 2.00. If you download the Hobby Lobby app you can see what their weekly sales are and get a 30% off coupon every time you visit. Its one of my favorite apps. (this is not a sponsored post. I just REALLY love Hobby Lobby) Hobby Lobby also had sparkly elegant gift tags, but I knew I was going to need a lot and wanted something a little cheaper. I found black glitter scrapbook card stock paper at walmart for a dollar a sheet (came in a 2pk) I used my 1 1/2 circle punch to make the tags and tied them to the packages with black embroidery floss. To add the touches of red I bought several rolls of red glitter tape (also at walmart). The red bow I made using red glitter tulle (also Walmart). The packages turned out so pretty you don't even notice that the wrapping is crappy.

The Cost
Paper 2.00
Tags 2.00 (for 2 sheets)
Trim 1.97 (per roll, I used about 4 rolls total)
Bows 4.00 (makes more than I needed)

How to have packages that WOW!
1. Choose quality paper
2. Pick a theme to tie your presents together
3. Add embellishments to the top.
4. You can't go wrong with sparkles

It just isn't Christmas until the presents are wrapped.

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12 days of Christmas Holiday Music Edition

Nothing gets me in the mood for Halloween  Christmas like hearing Christmas music. I just came home from my youngest winter concert. Which means I am definitely in the Christmas music mood. Plus, they didn't sing Deck the Halls, which is a song I absolutely CAN NOT stand. It never fails to put me in a bad mood. Wondering why? Think about being a youngin' with the name Holly. Now image what I REALLY heard.

"Deck the halls with BOWELS of Holly"

Kids are cruel. I hated that song. I still hate that song. I rant often that I am going to pass around a petition to have it banned. I hated my name forever because of that song.

Ok enough ranting. The concert was super cute. They have the BEST music/choir teacher ever. She has the kindergartners dress in PJ's and Reindeer antlers. The entire auditorium swoons. Its THAT cute.

So what Christmas songs do I like? Ones that don't involve hanging up my intestines, that's what. So here is my top 5 favorite Christmas songs.

Jingle Bell Rock

Silent Night

Sweet Little Jesus Boy
Carol of the Belts by Here Comes the Mummies


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The Blogmopolitan Quiz

I saw this and absolutely HAD to do it. I've been a Cosmo reading for 200 years.
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O' Christmas Tree

We got our tree up. We actually did this the week before Thanksgiving, but I'm just now talking about it. I have always had an artificial tree because

1. I'm too lazy to go cut one or drag one       home shedding all over my car.
2. I'm too lazy to water it
3. I'm too lazy to clean up the needles
4. I'm too lazy to dispose of it after Christmas

Basically I'm just too lazy. I absolutely LOVE the smell of a real tree, but they seem too high maintenance for me. I have always had a smallish tree 6 1/2 foot and I've hated them. I've always wanted a tall, full, low to the ground tree. Last year, I found one on clearance, in February for only 20.00 It was originally 200. The box took up my entire backseat. I tossed the tree in our storage building and forgot about it until October when out of the blue it hit me. I bought a 9 foot tree. My ceilings are 7 1/2 feet. I worried about how I was going to get it to fit for a month. When I finally got the tree up I realized I really should have given in and bought a prelit a long time ago. I love the ease of setting it up, I love that I don't have to deal with lights. I love that I could bend the top down a little and make this crazy big tree fit.

Now to decorate. I went back and forth on whether or not I should use a theme. I love themed trees. I pinned a ton of them on pinterest My favorite themes were.
Source HGTV

What I did instead was use decorations that I've collected over the years and added some musical ornaments like a drum and clarinet there is also some music notes and a trumpet. 
 I did not put any ornaments on the back of this much larger than expected tree. In fact the back of the tree is still mostly folded up because it won't fit in the corner without doing that. I wanted to give it depth though, so I put ornaments inside the tree not just hanging from the outside branches. The inside base actually has large poinsettia's clipped to it. I added some small mirrored balls to reflect the light.
to add some fun to the tree I had to have the cow print tree skirt. It's probably my most favorite thing about the whole tree.

 Do you use collected ornaments or a theme or both?


Icy Monday

Nothing like an ice storm to get you in the Christmas spirit. You would think "Hometown Holidays" would have done it, but you'd be wrong. The town that Abbey goes to school in has an event called Hometown Holidays. Basically the city blocks off main street and the downtown shops stay open late for shopping and the businesses and churches host musical groups throughout the night. Abbey was playing with the middle and high school at the Baptist church. Why do they always put the percussion in the back. It means I can't get good pictures.

I have spent the rest of the weekend looking at this.
Westley modeled his coat. He was NOT a happy camper about going out to pee
Hope your weekend was toasty and warm.

a Naughty Elf

As I'm typing this we are being warned of an ice storm. I'm kind of excited because I would love to be iced/snowed in for a few days. I'm guessing it would force me to actually wrap presents.

I'm struggling this week to think of 5 things that were awesome. So far I have

1. Em had a great report card. I am aware that if this was Abbey's she would be grounded for ever but for Emmy this is amazing. I couldn't be prouder of all of her hard work. Getting her to start her homework is a chore but once she gets started she never complains. (watch I just jinxed us)

2. I'm almost completely finished with my Christmas Shopping. I wish I could get inspired to wrap everything. I even bought cool black and white damask wrapping paper and materials to make my own bows. So far nothing is wrapped and I am thinking I will just buy a ton of gift bags

3. I found some Garbage Pail kid cards for Emmy's stocking.

4. If we get the ice storm that predicted I will get to sleep in. That would be the biggest High Five ever

5. All of my friends have brought out their Elf on a Shelf. Since my kids are older and we like funny things. Our Elf is a naughty thing. Eleanor is obviously rebelling from the prim and proper name we gave her and living it up. This is some of the things she got in to this week.

Snorting powdered sugar. Apparently it gives her a cocaine like high.
She came in like a wrecking ball. I guess I should be happy she still has her elf suit on....and isn't licking a hammer.
She found the bar. I hope she is a little tamer next week.
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The post with the Weeping Angel

I bought a shiny new planner. Nothing fancy. Pretty much all I use is the month at a glance. I'm pretty much too lazy to use anything else. I like how it looked uncluttered and blank, like a fresh canvas. Then yesterday I got slammed with messages scheduling meetings as far in advance as October. I was a little sad  to see my days fill up. We've been so busy lately that we haven't been to play trivia in weeks.

I just recently had the girls fall pics done. You know, because now its Winter and all the pretty leaves are off the trees.  Which means the park we used looked bleak.

Abbey took the opportunity to do some Doctor Who inspired Weeping Angel pics.
She also stole my favorite mascara Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara. I got it in the influenster Rose vox box and have used nothing else since. I have scrawny lashes and this totally makes me look like I have big thick lashes. I absolutely LOVE it.

On a completely different side note. Emmy got her report card and her lowest grade was 8 percentage points higher than the lowest score last report card. She only got 1 D and it was sooooo close to a C.  Everything else was oddly enough A's and B's. I can't say enough how much I love her teacher and all the encouragement she gives Em.

Feeling like a makeover

Is it just me or does the end of the year make you want to make big changes? I always feel the need to clean/purge my house and life to start January 1 on a better foot.

This year I am feeling the need for some changes on this little blog. I'm restless, I'm bored, It needs a massive makeover. Starting with the name. I liked my name when I started. I liked the play on words with my real name. Now I'm over it.

So I'm begging for help. I need a new blog name and design. Any suggestions on a name would be highly appreciated. 

Wishing for a snow day

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and survived black Friday.

I really, really, really, wish I didn't have to go to work today. After the long weekend I had, I really (have I used that word enough yet) a day of curling up in bed. I could have taken the day off. I have nearly a month of vacation time saved up. But since I have to take the girls to school it just makes sense to just go on in to work. That, and I set up an appointment for tomorrow. What was I thinking?

I had a great weekend. You may remember I was taking Abbey's boyfriend (one of Greg's band kids, Yes I am the BEST girlfriend's mom EVER) to audition for the Bluecoats. Not familiar with the Bluecoats they are a Drum Corps.  This is what time I had to get up. Then I had to drive 6 hours.
 He didn't make it but I would do it again. Its such a good experience for him. He has such drive and dedication. His passion for music is infectious. It really gets you excited. But our whirlwind trip means I am worn out.
While Correy was busy working his butt off trying to make the Corps, Heather and I were doing some hard core shopping. Which reminds me there was a street named Everhard. I still laugh about that, because I am apparently an adolescent kid.
I thought the percussion leader guy (sue me I don't know the technical name for his job) was so cute.I wanted to ask if I could run my fingers through his hair, but I thought he would think I was crazy. Heather thought he looked like Iggy Pop. Watching the drumline I realized Abbey has a TON of work to do to even think about being ready to audition for any drum corps. She has her heart set on Phantom Regiment which would mean she and Correy would march with different bands....AGAIN. The bluecoats had a girl drummer audition for snare, that was awesome and she was beautiful. I hope she makes it.

Anyway. Its December and Thanksgiving is over and its all I can do not to make every single post about Christmas, which is my favorite Holiday (after the original Holly-day of course). 

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