5 for five

I am loving the 5 for five link up.....because I am obsessed with list making. I might as well use my lists and jump in on a link up.

My goals for this week are.

Goals for this week:

1. Put Laundry away. Finally get all my laundry hung up. This is so unlike me. My closets are a mess and it is literally driving me insane.

2. Blog Daily. My crazy schedule has made it hard to get any writing in. It also seems like the busier I am the less I have to actually say. I feel like when I have a long day that its the first thing that goes. Sorry.....and thanks for sticking with me in this rut. I actually do have things I want to share but I feel like they may be a little premature so I hold off. I don't know why...I know my secrets are safe with you.

3. Finish Christmas Shopping Greg and I went shopping last weekend to finish up our shopping. Guess what happened? We finished his and I STILL have 3 presents to buy. I've had these same 3 presents to buy since before Thanksgiving.

4. Work on organization  This is also something I use to be better at. I guess the root of it is maybe i need to think about why I am failing at things that use to be second nature to me.

5. Decorate for Christmas.I haven't even done this yet. Which is also not like me. I have no idea what is wrong with me lately but its annoying me.


  1. Those last few gifts are killing me too. I finally got my mom and Pete done today but it's been crazy trying. Good luck getting your last few! I need to work on that laundry thing too... I refuse to buy clothes that need dry cleaning or get wrinkled easily, so I end up throwing the clean clothes back into an empty laundry bin. Hey, they're clean though, that counts for something, right?

  2. Good luck with the list!

    I so hate folding laundry.


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