But what would you change if you could?

On December 21, the day the world was suppose to end, my sister's cell phone reset its date back to Jan 1, 2000. Which made us laugh and question if this means we get a second chance to make chances to our past. With the New Year here I couldn't help but think, if I could go back to 2000 and make changes, what changes would I make?

In 2000 I was about to give birth to my first born. What changes would I make? I would have moved out of our cramped lil apartment and find something with some room. I have often thought that her allergies and asthma came from that apartment and the constant spraying of "bug spray" by the maintenance staff. I would have found a way to have opened my own child care center. It would have been good for Abbey in the long run to have had kids her own age to play with.

I don't think I would have been so quick to move to a bigger city as that marks the moment when my marriage started crumbling. I would love the chance to go back and tell myself that I NEEDED the interaction of other adults and not drug my feet about finding them.

My facebook is full of people complaining about how 2012 was an awful year and how they can't wait to see it go. I am a glass half full kinda person. I can't help but be optimistic. Here is a run down of my 2012....
  • The divorce I thought would never end finally ended. (a year and a half for an uncontested divorce with no kids.....hello!!! can u say CRAZY?!?
  • We finally got Em diagnosed and her reading has improved steadily since....she even did math in her head today to figure out how much money she had left on gift cards.
  • Both girls are healthy
  • Abbey had fun being the only 7th grader in marching band.
  • I got my dream job and enjoy going to work every day.
  • My little blog has readers, who put up with my vanishing at times.
  • Greg and I had a horrible rough patch and didn't fall apart. That isn't usually the case with me and relationships.
 Here I am facing the start of a new year. New prospects. New adventures. What would I change? I want to get this year right from the start. I want to look back on 2013 and think yup that was an awesome year. Abbey suggested we start a tradition, and I think it is a fantastic one. We will take a container,and every time someone in the family has a celebration we will write it down on a piece of paper and read it the last day of the year. In our case the last day we are together. I can't wait to share these with you next year. I'm sure I will be able to come up with may more than my wimpy little list above.

Here's hoping that your New Years is as AMAZING as this guys is going to be.


Tis the Season

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a stomach virus making its way through the house.

It started with Abbey. I picked her up at her dad's house on Christmas Eve and we started the trip to Virginia to spend Christmas with Greg and his family. This is how she spent the 3 hour trip.
at least she came prepared with a "puke bucket" Christmas day was fun. She woke up feeling better and we ate yummy biscuits and gravy and ham. We opened presents and enjoyed visiting.
Did I mention she got her braces off the last day of school before Christmas break?
I could just kiss this lil face off.
Shhhh.....don't tell Greg I shared this pic with you.

The girls experenced their first ever "REAL" Christmas tree. They loved thaving a live tree. Abbey and I (mostly Abbey after I taught her) had made the bows for our Christmas presents. I have a pattern to share with you, as soon as I find the link again. Trust me it is super easy. We made them all in an afternoon.
Super easy I promise!!
more presents were opened.....and then it happened. We went from this.
to this.
to this. In less than an hour. 
Poor baby didn't even get to play with her Monster High School that Abbey stayed up putting together for her. Then I got it. Good thing about being the person with the camera....There are no sick pics of me.
I sure hope it passes by your family, it is a rough one. Today was the final day of Christmas celebration with the girlies and I was happy to make them cry from happiness and tell me they had the best Christmas EVER. I even got the tree down already.
Bring on the New Year!!!


Happy not the end of the world.....

I am totally doing this!!!!!! Although I did think the world was ending we have had horrible wind and some sleet. My drive to work wasn't  too bad but I liked the 60 degree weather we were having earlier this week.

 I have lots of stuff to catch up on....as soon as I get time. In the meantime. I am so happy the world didn't end. Not that I actually thought it would. As my sister has been telling people.....We are Lakota and the white buffalo woman hasn't returned so we're good.


5 for five

I am loving the 5 for five link up.....because I am obsessed with list making. I might as well use my lists and jump in on a link up.

My goals for this week are.

Goals for this week:

1. Put Laundry away. Finally get all my laundry hung up. This is so unlike me. My closets are a mess and it is literally driving me insane.

2. Blog Daily. My crazy schedule has made it hard to get any writing in. It also seems like the busier I am the less I have to actually say. I feel like when I have a long day that its the first thing that goes. Sorry.....and thanks for sticking with me in this rut. I actually do have things I want to share but I feel like they may be a little premature so I hold off. I don't know why...I know my secrets are safe with you.

3. Finish Christmas Shopping Greg and I went shopping last weekend to finish up our shopping. Guess what happened? We finished his and I STILL have 3 presents to buy. I've had these same 3 presents to buy since before Thanksgiving.

4. Work on organization  This is also something I use to be better at. I guess the root of it is maybe i need to think about why I am failing at things that use to be second nature to me.

5. Decorate for Christmas.I haven't even done this yet. Which is also not like me. I have no idea what is wrong with me lately but its annoying me.

Elf sighting

This little elf of ours is really a bad little thing. I caught it doing THIS!!!

I tried to tell him that smoking is bad for him, but he wouldn't listen and smoked the entire pack.

While everyone is preparing for Christmas I have been thinking about New Years. I already have my new years plans in place, Greg and I are going to a party that some of his friends are having. But beyond that I have been thinking about the changes I want to make in the new year. I don't have a complete list yet, but I know I want to be thoughtful and purposeful in my resolution making. I'm sure some of it will follow along with my 101/1001 list.  Do you make resolutions every year? Have you thought about resolutions yet?


Sunday Social

Linking up for Sunday Social
Sunday Social
1. What is your favorite holiday season tradition?
Putting the Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving night. Although don't judge me....the tree still isn't up.
2. Do you have a certain holiday movie you watch more than others? If so what is it?
Anabelle's Wish. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE cows so a Christmas movie about a cow who wants to be a Reindeer is right up my ally.
3. Show us your favorite decoration or pinterest decoration you wish you could have
I would love to have this pink tulle tree!!!!!
4. What is your favorite holiday song?
I don't have a favorite song....but I have a least favorite song. I hate Deck the Halls. I'm sure it has something to do with being named Holly.
5. What is your favorite holiday dessert?
Is it sad that I don't eat sweets. Every since my hysterectomy my sweet tooth went away.
6. What is on your wish list this year?
  A  new house!!!
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